How to Apply Your Skincare Products in the Right Order: Best Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

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Imagine going about your day, feeling the discomfort of tight and cracked skin. Every time you smile or make a facial expression, it's a gentle reminder of the persistent dryness on your face. It's as if your skin is saying, "Hey, I need some serious hydration here!"

Do you feel like no matter how much moisturizer you apply, your skin remains rough and flaky? “Oh, Sonia, I'm already using an expensive one!”—Well, even if you've invested in a high-end moisturizer, it can be disheartening when your skin doesn't respond as expected.

But here's the thing: it's not just about the product itself, the order of your skincare products can significantly impact their effectiveness. Perhaps you've been doing it all wrong.

Don't worry, you're in the perfect spot. Our blog will guide you through the proper sequence of applying skincare products to achieve the radiant skin you truly deserve.

Skin Thirsty for Hydration? Discover the Best Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

Step-by-step guide for beautiful skin and extremely dry skin
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Step by Step Skincare Routine for Dry Skin


Sexapeel Instant Exfoliation Spray

If you're looking for an effective exfoliant for your extremely dry and sensitive skin type, then you'll want to try out the Sonia Roselli Sexapeel Instant Exfoliation Spray. This fantastic exfoliant is the perfect first step in your skincare routine. By gently exfoliating your dead skin cells once a week or every other week, you can help brighten your skin and address other skin problems, such as blemishes and acne scars, as this also works as an acne spot treatment. Just remember to hydrate well after using the spray to nourish your skin and help maintain a healthy skin barrier.

2. Cleanse

Japanese Cleansing Oil


To ensure that your dry skin absorbs the skincare products, it's imperative that you know when and how to use the right products in the right sequence, as the order of your skin care products determines your skin's ability to soak it up. The best cleanser you must incorporate into your skincare routine is Sonia Roselli Japanese Cleansing Oil, which can seem perplexing at first but is actually an excellent product when added to your night and morning routine.

This is highly effective at removing any excess product, dirt, or impurities from your skin without stripping it of its own natural lubricating system. With its moisturizing effects, this product helps to address dry skin problems and prepares your skin for the next steps in your routine. So, when it comes to applying your skincare products in the right order, be sure to use our cleansing oil after our Sexapeel Exfoliating Spray to get your skin clean, refreshed, and ready for your other spot treatment or moisturizing products. If you are wearing makeup, make cleansing your first step!

3. Essence

Water Elixir Skin Prep


The third step of your morning and nighttime routine—the Sonia Roselli Water Elixir Skin Prep! This magical elixir serves a dual purpose, acting as a lightweight liquid moisturizer and hydrating serum all in one but for the most part, it's mainly expected to nourish the skin. What sets this elixir apart from other treatment serums is its moisturizing benefits that leave your skin feeling refreshed, all while targeting those pesky fine lines. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to radiant, hydrated skin with our Water Elixir Skin Prep!

4. Facial Oil

Water Oil Skin Prep


Step four of your basic skincare routine: facial oil using our Sonia Roselli Water Oil Skin Prep. This ultra-lightweight oil is the secret to locking in much-needed moisture for skin that's feeling parched.

But what is Water Oil Skin Prep, you might ask? It's a game-changing product that's packed with nourishing goodness to keep your skin happy and hydrated. Think of it as a tall glass of water for your face—a refreshing drink that quenches your skin's thirst and leaves you with a healthy, radiant glow.

However, not all facial oils are created equal. You'll want to choose one that's specially formulated for dry skin, like our Water Oil Skin Prep. This little miracle worker helps to restore your skin's pH balance and protect against moisture loss, so you can avoid dryness and achieve supple, touchable skin.

5. Moisturize

Intense Barrier Cream Moisturizer


When it comes to properly caring for extremely dry skin, the order in which you apply your skincare products can make a huge difference. So, what's the fifth step? Moisturizing, of course! And for those with parched skin, a moisturizer with Sonia Roselli Intense Barrier Cream's properties is the way to go.

This type of cream is designed to form a protective layer on the skin, preventing precious moisture from escaping. It's like a fortress for your face! So, don't let your skin suffer from dehydration any longer. Give it the nourishment it deserves with an intense barrier cream moisturizer recommended by a board-certified dermatologist.

By applying this type of cream in the right order (after cleansing, exfoliating, and any targeted treatments), you can take advantage of its moisturizing benefits and forget about dryness and flakiness. Just remember to be gentle in your application, and watch as your skin is left looking brighter, healthier, and more hydrated than ever before!

6. Hydrates

Water Balm Skin Prep


The sixth step in your skincare routine is all about hydration, and we've got just the product for the job. Presenting Water Balm Skin Prep, a thick and luxurious balm that seals in moisture and provides long-lasting hydration.

This little gem will work wonders on sensitive skin, helping to plump up your skin, reduce dark circles, and boost the overall health of your skin barrier. Don't let complicated skincare routines stress you out - Water Balm Skin Prep keeps your skin supple, healthy, and effortlessly flawless.

7. Sun Defense

Wear Your Fav Sunscreen


Don't let the sun ruin your skin game! If you're struggling with extremely dry skin, you know how important it is to maintain happy skin. So, after applying all the active ingredients like moisturizers and serums, don't forget to add some sun defense to your morning skincare routine before going out.

Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is a must, and using your favorite sunscreen daily can make all the difference. But in case you have not decided on what sunscreen to use, I suggest that you go for a physical or mineral sunscreen. So, don't skip this seventh step and let your skin soak up the benefits of a good sun defense strategy.

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8. Put on the foundation

Apply your Desired Foundation


After applying sunscreen, you can put on foundation if you want to wear makeup. 

It might seem a bit complex at first, but trust me, following the correct order can make a huge difference in your skincare results. And don't forget, when applying makeup, be gentle around the delicate skin around your eyes.

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Get Your Perfect Skincare Products at Sonia Roselli Beauty

Now that you know the right order to apply your skincare products for your dry skin type, it's time to invest in high-quality products that will give you the best results. Here at Sonia Roselli, you can find a wide selection of skincare products that were mentioned in this article, including Instant Exfoliating Spray, Water Balm Skin Prep, and more.

We also offer skincare kits that are specifically created to combat common sensitive skin problems.

As a licensed esthetician and beauty expert, I highly recommend these products because they are made with the highest quality ingredients and have been proven to work for a variety of skin types. Plus, with easy-to-use online shopping and fast shipping, it's never been easier to get the perfect skincare products for your routine.

So head to our skincare collections now and start shopping for your perfect skincare routine today!

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