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esthetician sonia roselli

Hi There!

I'm Sonia Roselli

At 55, I'm here to revolutionize the beauty industry for women like you. With three decades as an esthetician and makeup artist, I created Sonia Roselli Beauty because I was tired of seeing the same old empty promises and unrealistic standards pushed by big brands.

Especially for women over 40.

I understand your frustrations because I've lived them. That's why I'm here to celebrate your wisdom, experience, and ageless beauty. Let's challenge the status quo together and embrace the power of being unapologetically you.

Sonia doing makeup on a client

Celebrating Your

Timeless Beauty

As a seasoned makeup artist, I've witnessed how the beauty industry often overlooks the incredible women over 40. I'm here to change that.

Your age is your superpower, and I'm on a mission to help you embrace it. Together, we'll step into the spotlight and show the world that your beauty knows no bounds.

It's time to celebrate you, unapologetically.

Before and After of Sonia Roselli

A Beauty Experience


I've been where you are - overwhelmed by endless skincare products and pressure to buy more.

After my own skin struggles, I realized big brands prioritize profits over truly nurturing your skin.

That's why I created a beauty experience that puts you first. No more confusion or empty promises. Just simple, effective skincare that celebrates your unique beauty journey.

Sonia and team getting ready in PPE to go into the formulation lab

Your Dreams

Our Creation

As an esthetician and makeup artist, I've learned that the best skincare is simple and effective. That's why I work with top chemists in Japan and Korea to create products you'll love.

I listen to your skincare desires through surveys and social media, curating a line that simplifies your routine and nurtures your skin.

Get involved, as we build a brand made just for us.

sonia roselli and betty white sitting together



Betty White
Elton John
Ben Affleck
Linda Evangelista
Lenny Kravitz
Chris Botti
Maynard Ferguson
Eddie Daniels
Diana Krall
Vanessa Williams


How I Fell In Love With An Industry

sonia prom picture with 80s makeup
Rocking my prom look in 1986 (what was up with the hair?)

Prom Pics Tell All

Picture me, rocking the hottest trends from behind my first makeup counter job at 16 in 1985.

I'm talking blush so bright it could stop traffic, lips bold enough to make a statement, and eyeshadow that reached for the stars (or at least my brows).

Despite my questionable style choices, that gig sparked my lifelong love for all things beauty. I was playing mad scientist with every new product and having a blast, even if I did resemble a time capsule gone wrong.

So, if you're ever feeling like a hot mess in the beauty department, just remember - we've all been there!

sonia doing facial at home
Practicing my facials on anyone who would let me. (1993)

From Trainee to Trainer: My Journey with Aveda

When I joined the Aveda team, I had no idea it would be the start of such an amazing journey. I was lucky enough to learn from incredible experts like Sonia Kashuk, who helped me refine my skills and fall in love with Aveda's philosophy.

To my surprise, I soon found myself in front of rooms filled with dedicated salon and spa professionals. I was sharing what I had learned and encouraging them to embrace not only the Aveda line but also the business side of the beauty industry.

Teaching felt like a natural fit for me, and I was grateful that my growing expertise resonated with the makeup artists I worked with. I tried my best to break down complex concepts into approachable, enjoyable lessons, and it was rewarding to see my students leave each session feeling empowered and inspired.

runway of fashion week

After 5 Years at Aveda, I Got Fired - And It Was The Best Thing Ever

Getting sacked by Estee Lauder after they bought Aveda sucked, but as a rebel questioning the status quo, I knew big beauty companies prioritized profits over principles.

So, I said "f*ck it," bought a one-way ticket to Italy, and immersed myself in Milan Fashion Week. Getting fired lit a fire under my ass and made me realize I didn't need to play by someone else's rules.

sonia applying makeup to client in room with people moving around
Doing makeup for my bride, 2014.

Bringing Inspiration to Chicago's Brides

After my time in Italy, I returned to Chicago and found my true calling in bridal makeup.

I became a highly sought-after makeup artist in Chicago's beauty scene. Clients and celebrities alike appreciated how I made them feel confident in their own skin. Mothers of the brides really appreciated that I didn't overdo it with the makeup, especially in the social media age.

In 2000, I became the first makeup artist offering on-location bridal services, writing the book on processes and practices for this new service type.

My passion and professionalism earned me respect from peers, and I enjoyed mentoring other makeup artists, helping them build their own successful makeup businesses.

Sonia's Chicago Makeup studio
My Chicago makeup studio, 2008
Woman holding makeup products while taking a virtual class

Opening My Makeup Studio

After years of honing my craft in bridal makeup, I took the next step in my journey by opening Sonia Roselli Studio in 2008.

It was a cozy space where clients could learn, grow, and feel like the best version of themselves. I offered makeup classes, photo shoots, and bridal trials, but my studio was more than just a place to get glammed up.

In this creative haven, my passion for innovation blossomed as I began experimenting with crafting my own products, driven by a desire to provide clients with luxurious, effective, and cutting-edge formulas.

sonia roselli with a bottle of sexapeel in gold top
My "First Born" Flagship Product, Sexapeel™ in 2015.
sonia holding sexapeel in swaddling blanket.

Launching SRB: Where Skincare & Makeup Meet

After years of consulting for various brands, I finally took the plunge and launched my first product: Sexapeel, an instant exfoliation spray from Korea.

As a professional makeup artist, I've always believed that the key to a flawless face starts with healthy, happy skin. But not all skincare works well under makeup, but why not have both?

That's why I poured my heart into creating a skincare line that complements makeup and prioritizes hydration. Each product is carefully curated to be gentle yet effective, for sensitive skin.

When I launched Sexapeel, it became an instant hit, known for revealing smoother, brighter skin.

solid brown background
solid brown background

"I traveled to Japan and Korea, discovered their incredible skincare secrets, and came back inspired to create Sonia Roselli Beauty—an unapologetic line that delivers real results for aging, sensitive skin, because I believe beauty should be celebrated at every age."

-Sonia Roselli, Esthetician & Founder

Sonia Roselli stands in her kitchen, taking a sip from a coffee cup

Ready To

Join the Mission?

Ready to feel excited about your skincare routine again? Let's find products that work for your unique needs and lifestyle, so you can put your best face forward every day.

Forget the hype and let's focus on what really works...a few quality products that enhance your natural beauty.

You deserve to love your skincare routine.

Let's make it happen.


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