Skin Barrier 101

What you need to know about your skin barrier and how to protect it!

What is it? 

Your skin is made up of many layers that help protect your body. Your skin barrier, the stratum corneum (outermost layer) is made up of thick skin cells called corneocytes bound together by lipids.

Skin Barrier Graphic
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What it does

Your skin barrier helps keep environmental toxins out and helps keep your natural moisture inside your body. Without the skin barrier your natural moisture would evaporate and leave skin vulnerable.

Graphic of rays bouncing off the protected barrier
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How it works

Cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides make up your skin barrier. They help retain moisture and defend your body from the elements. Over time they can become depleted leading to barrier damage and irritation.

Graphic of honeycomb-like cells
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Repair it

Dry skin, itchy skin, or inflammation can mean a compromised barrier. You can work to repair your barrier by simplifying your skincare routine, and adding ceramides and moisture back to the skin.

Moisturizer penetrating skin
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Keep it healthy

As your body's first line of defense, a healthy skin barrier is important to your overall health! After repairing damages, a simple and consistent skincare routine can help you maintain your healthy skin barrier.

Glow from healthy skin graphic
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