How To Fix Dehydrated Skin

What does dehydrated skin look like? Learn how to fix dehydrated skin and what causes dehydrated skin. Learn how Sonia uses Skin Prep to help prevent the signs of dehydrated skin

Some of the symptoms of dehydrated skin:

  1. Lack of water in the skin, skin looks dull and parched.
  2. Makeup doesn’t lay right on the skin. 
  3. Skin feels dry and tight throughout the face and sometimes can even feel hot or red.
  4. Lack of bounce and elasticity in the skin, almost a raisin-like appearance.

Who Can Have Dry Skin:

Pretty much everyone can have dehydrated skin at one point or another. Dehydration is caused by several things which we will discuss here, but in the simplest terms, dehydration is a lack of water content in the skin.

Oily Skin Can Be Dehydrated:

Even those with oily skin can have dehydrated skin. 

Some of you with oily skin textures describe your skin to someone as: “My skin is dry and oily at the same time,” when what you’re usually feeling is dehydration and not necessarily dryness.

Here are some tips on why your skin gets dehydrated and what you can do to alleviate that problem:

1. Not using the right cleansers

I have heard all over the internet that cleansers “aren’t that important” in a skin care routine, and that most folks should find a gentle cleanser and that should be fine. 

I kinda disagree with that but I want to expand more.

Knowing your skin type and your skin “lifestyle” is key to choosing this “gentle cleanser”. Using the wrong cleanser will lead to a broken skin barrier for some, and I am convinced a cleanser is the first step in a great skincare routine. If I am being 1000% honest, I think this is where most skin routines get into a trickbag, and then people wonder why their skin isn’t behaving when they’re using 3000 other skin care products.

If you have dry skin, you may do well with a cream or oil cleanser. You definitely don’t want to use anything foaming or gel since it may be too stripping on your skin. Dry skin already has a heightened level of sensitivity, so watch out for any added fragrance too.

If you have oily skin you may like the feel of a gel cleanser.  Oily skin tones like the feel of clean skin, but we don’t want that "over-clean" either. 

If you’re sensitive, you may want to choose a cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin any more than it already is, because sensitive skin usually has a degree of broken skin barrier. So as you see, a cleanser is more important than you think.

And don’t forget our lifestyle also plays into the role of how our skin behaves. Neglect or overdoing it can get in our skin’s way of being the best it can be.

2. Weather with low humidity

Where you live also plays an important role in dehydration in our face. Living in dry, cold, or hot climates can cause the water in our skin to evaporate.

Use products that add water back to your skin, and reapply throughout the day. 

Some products that are great for that is Water Balm and Water Elixir. 

One of my favorite things to do is add Water Elixir to an atomizer and spritz on my face throughout the day for some ceramide serum, water-loving treatment. 

Side note: Whatever you do, don’t use tap water to mist on your face, its full of minerals that may be irritating to your already dry, dehydrated skin.

 4. Taking Too Hot Of a Shower

If you’re anything like me, you love a good hot shower. However, hot water can really dry your skin out something awful. I know, I know, when it's cold outside sometimes that hot shower feels great when we want to warm up, but it can really cause dryness and irritation in the skin. It's best to skip very hot showers and go for warm instead.

4. Medications

The other cause of dehydrated skin is certain medications. Antihistamines and things like diuretics to treat high blood pressure are two examples of things that can cause dehydrated skin. If you’re curious if your medication could be causing dehydration, check the label or ask your doctor.

If your medications cause dehydration, up your water intake or ask your doctor for a more personalized suggestion.

5. Diet/Cocktails/Caffeine

I love a good cocktail and do not talk to me until I have had at least one cup of coffee in the morning. However all of these things can cause dehydration, so if you’re going to partake in these delectable treats, be sure to up your water content when enjoying!

6. Not Drinking Enough Water

Not drinking enough water is not only a bad idea, it also causes a host of other problems like fatigue, headache, foggy brain, and hunger. Oh, how I can be guilty of this sometimes.

Sometimes we get so busy we forget to drink fluids. This is where one of my favorite apps Water Minder comes in.

Water Minder is an app that reminds you to drink water throughout the day and nudges you to stop and say “Hey there! Drink some water” so you can stop and take a moment to have a glass of H20.

I know, sad we need an app to remind us to do this, but it does come in handy when the distractions of the world keep us from taking care of ourselves. (Just typing that makes me cringe!) HA!

7. Not wearing the proper moisturizer

Not wearing the proper moisturizer can really cause dehydrated skin. Just like finding a good cleanser, finding the right moisturizer is critical. 

Water Balm however, is a great moisturizer for all skin tones and really keeps your skin hydrated and supple for hours. It’s also great to apply to the skin even if you have on makeup!

Water Balm is great to wear at night because it locks in all the other goodness on your face so you know your skin will look great in the morning (and hydrated)! 

So there ya have it. 7 Ways to beat dehydration. I hope you found this blog post and video helpful!

Do you suffer from dehydrated skin? Leave me a comment below and let me know how you manage yours!


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