How To Layer Skincare Before Makeup (Or In Your Case, Skin Prep!)

One of the biggest questions I get asked is “Sonia, what order do I apply my skincare before makeup?”

Today, I am sharing a quick video with you to walk you through the step-by-step process on how to layer skincare before makeup.

Skincare Before Makeup Step-By-Step:

  1. Exfoliate
  2. Exfoliate Lips
  3. Lip Mask/Serum
  4. Serums/Essences
  5. Facial Oils
  6. Eye Cream
  7. Moisturizer/Primer
  8. Water Balm Under Eyes
  9. Sunscreen
  10. Foundation
  11. Wash Face With Cleansing Oil At The End Of The Day

1. Exfoliate

Your foundation wears nicely on freshly exfoliated skin. For makeup, it's not crucial you get a deep exfoliation, save that for your nighttime routine. Sexapeel is great for those surface crusties to get that top layer of dead skin off. 

2. Exfoliate Lips

Exfoliate your lips so that your lip balm can work its magic better. Exfoliate lips 2-3x a week. 

3. Lip Mask/Lip Balm

After your lips are nice and smooth, shower them with love with a lip mask or lip balm before you add the rest of your skin prep. 

4. Serums/Essences

Essences and serums live on the skin after exfoliation. Essences and serums are crucial for helping the rest of your products penetrate the skin better. Water Elixir is a ceramide serum and moisturizer in one that reduces redness, plumps up the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps rebuild your skin barrier while you wear makeup. #winwin 

Best Friends

5. Facial Oils

Facial oils have always been a staple in my makeup kit. Facial oils help give a beautiful softness and glow to the skin and keep skin radiant and smooth. Water Oil was made to be a facial oil under makeup because its light and has a quick dry down time. Add 1-3 pumps of Water Oil to the hands and press into your face to give your skin a natural glow. #likebutter

6. Eye Cream

After you’ve applied your facial oil before makeup, apply a lightweight eye cream. Tap into the skin and gently press in. This will help your concealer lay on the skin much nicer and help it last longer on the skin. Don’t use a heavy eye cream as it can cause your mascara to smudge.

7. Moisturizer & Primer 

Water Balm is a moisturizer, serum, and makeup primer all in one. If you were on a desert island, Water Balm would be your holy grail. Tap a nickel size to your skin and pat all over. 

Water Balm

8. For Over 40 Skin Tones

Apply Water Balm on top of your concealer to plump up any under eye crepey-ness and fine lines. Use on the top of the lips or anywhere you want to plump up fine lines. For added benefit, apply generously (like a facial mask) and wear for 20-30 minutes and then massage in the left over Water Balm into the skin. You’re left with soft, supple, radiant skin!

9. Sunscreen

After you’ve applied all your skin prep it’s time for sunscreen. Get into the habit of wearing at least an SPF 30, or SPF 50 for those of you who are serious about sunscreen. It’s the best anti-aging product you can buy. (You can skip this step if it’s dark out or you’re going out at night!)

10. Foundation

Now that you have your skin prep and sunscreen on, it’s time to apply your foundation and makeup as usual.  

How To Layer Skincare Before Makeup

11. Wash Your Face Before Bed

At the end of the day, wash your face with Japanese Cleansing Oil. A facial cleansing oil is a great way to get off makeup and sunscreen with ease without any residue left behind.

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Video Transcription

Are you curious on how to layer your skincare before you put on your makeup? Well today on Glossible, I am going to show you the step-by-step process and how to layer your skincare so that you can get professional complexion results, each and every time. Let's dive in. 

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I'm Sonia Roselli, I'm a licensed aesthetician and makeup artist veteran of the beauty industry for 30 years and I help you feel gorgeous and confident but still look like yourself. Okay, so when it comes to getting the most gorgeous complexion. The top secret of pro makeup artists is skin prep and I am the skin prep queen. So today I'm going to give you the step-by-step process and what we do and how we layer the skincare. 

Step one, exfoliation. So the first step in Skin Prep is exfoliation and we are going to start with Sexapeel. 

This is an instant exfoliating spray, we make this in Korea and this is a very gentle exfoliation great for all skin types. But the reason that we created Sexapeel was because we wanted something gentle. 

I'm going to use about five pumps in my hand, that we could use before makeup now Sexapeel doesn't go very deep, so it makes it the perfect Skin Prep product before makeup. 

So I pumped about five pumps in my hand and I'm working in the center of my face, working downward and out. Now once you're done with your exfoliation you can remove with a cleansing water and some pads, or you can use a washcloth. 

Another tip to exfoliation for Skin Prep is to do Sexapeel before you get into the shower. 

Step two, it's time to exfoliate your lips. And I like to use a lip exfoliant, you can use anything there's a ton of great products on the market. And I just apply and exfoliate.

Step three, lip mask or a lip balm. So, this time I'm going to add a lip mask to my lips, or if you have a lip balm, you can use that as well. I like to do this now because while I'm doing the rest of my skin prep my lips have a chance to get nice and hydrated plump and looking gorgeous. 

Step four, essence or a serum. And for this, we're going to use Water Elixir. Eater Elixir is an essence, this is made in Japan, and, you know, in Japan, they're all known for their essences. 

This is a serum and a moisturizer, all in one. The great thing about Water Elixir is it really does plump up the skin helps pump up those fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps get rid of any redness. 

So you add three or four or five pumps, whatever you feel like you need massage it into the skin and press. 

Step five, facial oil. Now a lot of times people will say but, “Sonia, I thought a facial oil had to go on top of a moisturizer?” and a lot of times that might be the case, especially if it's something that you're wearing to bed. But for makeup, I prefer a facial oil live underneath a moisturizer, because its facial oils are going to cause makeup to not last as long. So this is why that I like a facial oil underneath a moisturizer. 

And for this, I'm going to use our Water Oil. This is a serum and an oil, all in one. And the beauty of this is it has a quick dry downtime. It doesn't leave anything on the skin, the serum and everything helps, push this oil back into the skin. 

I'm going to use three pumps because I'm a dry T. Rex, so I put three pumps in my hands but a lot of you may only need one pump. I massage it into my hands and then I press into the skin like buttah. 

Step six, eye cream. Now I like to use a very lightweight eye cream and I like to do eye cream before I put on the moisturizer which I'm going to show you in a minute, so it's best to use a very lightweight eye cream. And so you just want to dab and tap around the eyes. And the other reason that you want to use a lightweight eye cream is you don't want anything too heavy because it's going to make your concealer run, or even worse your mascara run. I don't know about you, but I don't like panda eyes. I also like to apply eye cream on top of the lids. 

Step seven, moisturizer. 

Now it's time for moisturizer. And when it comes to wearing skincare underneath makeup. I

like something very light. I don't like anything too heavy most of the time.So this is why that we like Water Balm. 

Now Water Balm is your moisturizer and a day cream and a night cream and a serum and a makeup primer all in one. It's your holy grail if you are stranded on a desert island, this is actually really fantastic. This also gives your face a smoothing filter it's almost like you had an Instagram filter in real life. 

So, I like to take about a nickel size, and I like to apply it to my hands. Press it into my hands like so, and then tap open the water beads, and then just tap all over the skin. And then massage it in. 

I have a great tip for those of us over 50 here with Water Balm stick around. 

The other thing that I love about water balm is I like to apply it on top of my eye cream. This is why that I've done eye cream first, because I'm going to take a little bit of Water Balm and I'm going to tap it right here underneath my eye, where I get super crepey. 

Because Water Balm has that smoothing filter to it, it's really gonna soften and smooth out some of those fine lines and wrinkles that I have underneath my eyes. I'm super crepey under my eyes. So I just tap a little Water Balm right underneath here. And on days like today where it's super dry here in Austin, I like to add a little bit more almost like a mask and then I kind of let that sit in and kind of marinate. 

Next, I like to put water balm on the top of my eyelids, especially if you're wearing a cream shadow. This is a fantastic tip for those of us over 50. 

The other place that I like to add Water Balm is right on the top of my lips where we start to get fine lines and wrinkles. Water Balm does an exceptional job in kind of filling in those fine lines and wrinkles and plumping them up making them look really soft and smooth. 

Step eight, sunscreen. Always make sure if you're going outside where there sun, make sure that you were at least an SPF of 30, and for those of us who hate sun damage SPF of 50.  

Don't forget your ears. 

So now that you have your skin prep done and you have your sunscreen on. Now it's time to do the rest of your makeup. So apply your makeup as usual, go about your day and at the end of the day, wash your face before bed, using Japanese Cleansing Oil. 

I'm going to link a description here in the video where you can watch the tutorial on how to take your makeup off with ease. 

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So I will see you next week, everybody. Have a great one.  

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