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what people are saying...


Sonia has made our jobs easier somehow yet again with this soap. The ease of cleaning my brushes ALMOST makes the process enjoyable. I am about to order more because one just isn't enough.

Leslie W.

It's The Best

If you're going to pay full price for a product, skip: Tatcha, Lancome, etc. and buy everything from Sonia's line. It works, it works better than most products I've tried and I'm an aesthetician.

Olivia B.

Must Have Product

Water Balm is my favorite SR product. I use the whole line of skin care but can’t live without water balm. It’s made a huge difference with my dry skin.

Wimberly M.

Love Love Love

I have very dry skin and these products are so moisturizing.

Renee H.

The Best!

Once I started using this I noticed a major difference in my skin especially with redness.

Danielle H.

No Comparison

I freaking love SexaPeel! Old school manual exfoliation cannot come even close to removing the same amount of dead skin. Not only will you actually see the dead skin coming off and all over the bottom of your shower but you will actually feel the difference in your baby soft skin!

Lindsay B.

The Skin You’ve Always Dreamed of in 3 easy steps!

1. Repair

Repair your skin’s natural barrier so makeup lays better.

2. Maintain

Keep your skin healthy and hydrated for less redness.

3. Glow

Feel empowered & confident in your own skin

Why is it so hard to find skincare products for sensitive skin that actually works?

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