How To Oil Cleanse Your Face

Using a facial oil cleanser has been around for decades and still one of my most favorite ways to wash your face, especially for those of us over 40.

Today, I want to show you how I use Japanese Cleansing Oil to get rid of makeup and get your skin clean without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

As we age, oils on our skin should be protected. When we strip the skin we can create a mess with our skin barrier. And when our skin barrier is a mess, that leaves us vulnerable to all kinds of bad things like breakouts, redness, sensitivity, and burning, even when using a simple thing like water on the face, just to name a few.

As part of a good skin prep system, your makeup is as good as the skin you put it on, so that is why cleansing your face before bed every night is a good ritual to have. 

What Type of Skin is Oil Cleansing Good For?

  1. Dry, dehydrated skin
  2. Mature skin (your skin will get that healthy glow we had when we were younger!)
  3. Oily Skin (yes, you!)
  4. Combination Skin
  5. Normal Skin
  6. Sensitive Skin (you’ll also see the biggest improvement!)

You may want to skip Cleansing Oils if you have acne prone skin.

Oil Cleanse 


  1. Pump 1-3 pumps into your hands and massage on the skin until dirt and makeup start to melt.
  2. If you’re wearing long-wearing makeup or wearing a lot of makeup, do a double cleanse.
  3. If you’re makeup free, one pass is enough.
  4. If you wish, follow up with your normal cleanser (although it’s not required.)
  5. Don’t forget your neck and chest.
  6. Rinse with tepid water or remove with a soft wash cloth. If you’re super sensitive, rinse and avoid wash cloth.

Once your skin is clean, follow up with your normal skin prep routine before bed. Here's mine:

  1. Sexapeel (2x a week)
  2. Lip Exfoliant
  3. Water Elixir
  4. Your Favorite Serum
  5. Eye Cream
  6. Water Oil
  7. Water Balm
  8. Lip Mask 

I hope you enjoyed this video on How to Oil Cleanse To Look Years Younger! Here’s looking at you, looking like a teenager! Now it’s time for watching some 16 Candles while I lay in bed.

See ya next week!


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