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In your hotel room:

  • A high chair or bar stool
  • A large desk or table for workspace per artist or stylist.
  • A large window for natural light 
  • An electrical outlet for equipment
  • Having sufficient space saves time for everyone.

Do you & your girls have:

  • Touch up lipsticks/lip glosses?
  • Touch up setting powder made for airbrush makeup?
  • Black waterproof mascara (for sanitation purposes)?
  • Photos of makeup or hair ideas?
  • Additional fees may apply for add on services.

Final Payments:

  • One form of payment for each artist/stylist. Cash or check only.
  • Tip is calculated by total contracted services, not balance due.
  • Industry standards is 20% of total contracted services.


  • Most hotels have high bar stools and tables. If you can't arrange one with your catering director, please let us know so we may bring one with us.
  • Protect your wedding day look. Invest in touch up products to look fresh throughout your day or hire us to stay overtime.
  • We have products available for purchase through our website or in studio.
  • If you require touch up products, please purchase them at your wedding day trial.

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