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Skincare Overwhelm

Using traditional skincare and makeup primers may lead to problems such as foundation sliding, pilling, or inadequate hydration, which can affect the longevity of your makeup.

If you have sensitive skin, these concerns can be even more aggravating as using too many skincare and makeup products may compromise the skin's protective barrier and result in sensitive skin.


Sonia Roselli, a 30-year veteran makeup artist & esthtician who struggled with sensitive skin herself.

Her skincare line was born from a need for a simple, yet effective, solution to sensitive skin and makeup prep. She's here to guide you on your journey to healthier, radiant skin at any age.

A Simple and Effective Solution

Our all-in-one skincare is formulated to simplify your beauty routine without overwhelming your skin, whether you're preparing for makeup or going for a fresh-faced look.

Our scientifically-proven skin barrier-loving ingredients, such as ceramides, niacinamide, and peptides, that nourish and rejuvenate your skin, promoting a healthy and radiant appearance. Achieve a luminous glow that enhances your natural beauty.

Luxurious, Effective, and Gentle Skincare

Our skincare line is the epitome of luxury, made with some of the most innovative chemists in Japan and Korea.

Our products feel amazing on your skin, with a sensorial texture that will leave you feeling pampered and de-stressed. And that's not all - our formulas are highly effective, and perfect for those with sensitive skin, with low to no fragrance.

Guilt free self care

You spend so much time taking care of others, but don't forget to take care of yourself too. Prioritizing self-care and investing in yourself is important and acceptable.

Pampering your skin can boost your confidence, make you feel and look good, and give you a little extra pep in your step. So, feel free to indulge in self-care without the fear of irritation.


Our Clients Love Our Products! You Will Too!


If you're going to pay full price for a product, skip: Tatcha, Lancome, etc. and buy everything from Sonia's line. It works, it works better than most products I've tried and I'm an aesthetician.

Olivia B.
It's The Best

Once I started using this I noticed a major difference in my skin especially with redness.

Danielle H.
The Best!

I freaking love SexaPeel! Old school manual exfoliation cannot come even close to removing the same amount of dead skin. Not only will you actually see the dead skin coming off and all over the bottom of your shower but you will actually feel the difference in your baby soft skin!

Lindsay B.
No Comparison

I have very dry skin and these products are so moisturizing.

Renee H.
Love Love Love

Water Balm is my favorite SR product. I use the whole line of skin care but can’t live without water balm. It’s made a huge difference with my dry skin.

Wimberly M.
Must Have Product

Sonia has made our jobs easier somehow yet again with this soap. The ease of cleaning my brushes ALMOST makes the process enjoyable. I am about to order more because one just isn't enough.

Leslie W.