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A skincare brush that applies skincare to prevent cross contamination of other products to the face.

Elevate Your Sensitive Skin Care with the Skin Prep Brush!

The Skin Prep Brush is your ultimate solution for sensitive skin.

Crafted with your skin's touch sensitivity in mind, this innovative tool revolutionizes your skincare routine and delivers remarkable benefits:

  1. Tailored for Sensitivity: The Skin Prep Brush is meticulously designed to cater to sensitive skin, offering gentle yet effective care that respects your skin's unique needs.
  2. Total Hygiene Assurance: Wave goodbye to worries about cross-contamination from hair products or body lotions. The Skin Prep Brush ensures that only the right skincare products, treated with the utmost care, touch your precious facial skin.
  3. A Tender Embrace: Pamper yourself with an indulgent and soothing skincare ritual. The Skin Prep Brush not only enhances the efficacy of your skincare products but also provides a tender touch that's perfect for your delicate skin.
  4. Precision Perfected: The Skin Prep Brush features fine bristles and an ergonomic design, ensuring optimal coverage while respecting your skin's sensitivity. It reaches every nook and cranny of your face with the utmost gentleness.
  5. Glowing Confidence: Achieve a flawless, glowing complexion that boosts your confidence. The Skin Prep Brush promotes circulation, and even product distribution, unveiling a radiant, healthy-looking complexion that turns heads.
  6. Savings with Skincare: By using the Skin Prep Brush, you'll find yourself using less of your favorite skincare products while still achieving exceptional results. This means your products will last longer, saving you time and money, all while being kind to your sensitive skin.
  • Individuals with sensitive skin seeking gentle yet effective skincare routine.
  • Those concerned about cross-contamination from hair products or body lotions.
  • Anyone looking to enhance the efficacy of their skincare products.
  • People who value precise application and full coverage.
  • Those interested in extending the life of their skincare products.
  • Anyone seeking a premium skincare tool, proudly made in Italy.

Prep: Start with clean hands and face. Ensure your Skin Prep Brush is clean too.

Apply: Use the brush to apply skincare products evenly, 2x a day.

Coverage: Cover your entire face.

Clean: After each use, clean the brush with Tiger's Eye Brush Soap to maintain hygiene.

Introducing the Skin Prep Brush, where opulence meets artistry.

Immerse yourself in luxury with its sumptuous synthetic fibers, an exquisite acrylic handle, and a brushed gold aluminum ferrule – meticulously crafted in Italy for an unparalleled high-end experience, exclusively for you. *Vegan & Cruelty Free

*With proper care, the Skin Prep Brush, meticulously crafted in Italy, is built to last for years, ensuring long-lasting luxury in your skincare routine.

*Do not put your brushes in the washing machine, dishwasher or other brush cleaning machines.

Watch Our How to Video Below.

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How to Wash Your Skincare & Makeup Brushes Like A PRo

Skin Prep Brush with tile background

Skin Prep Brush

For Sensitive, Delicate Skin
Hand holding a skin prep brush that's been dipped in Water Balm product
Skin Prep brush head and ferrel.
Skin Prep brush dipped in product propped up on Water Balm jar

Why use a skin prep brush?

Simple Solutions for Delicate Skin

Ageless Beauty trio with Skin Prep Brush

Hand Sanitizer on Your FAce? No Thanks!

Cross contamination of other products like hand lotions, hand sanitizers, and hand soap can be accidentally applied to your face when using your hands. Dermatologists say this is one reason people have irritations in their skin.

My Skin Prep Brush is designed to help you apply your skincare with confidence so you know what you're putting (or not putting) on your skin.

Skin Prep Brush that has been dipped in product, propped up on Water Balm jar.

Perfect & precise application

Your Skin Prep Brush is designed to apply skincare with detailed precision so every inch of your skin gets all the love & hydration it needs to be healthy.

Ageless beauty kit with Skin Prep brush on tile background

your skincare lasts longer

Your Skin Prep Brush will absorb less product than your hands, helping you use less product but still get effective results. (It feels like a spa treatment too!)

Skin prep brush head in focus with other products in the background

Self Care Should Feel Special

Your Skin Prep Brush is hand crafted in small batches made with meticulous care. Handmade and hand-finished in nature, the ferrule is a glorious brushed gold with variations in the metal that are to be celebrated & expected. Each ferrule is unique and just like skin, no two are exactly alike.

Handles are white so you'll always know this brush is designed specifically for your skincare.

Skin prep brush that has been dipped in Water Balm with Water Balm jar

Luxuriously soft fibers for delicate skin

Our skincare brush is cruelty free & vegan with the softest synthetic fibers.

No need to worry about any reaction from natural hair on sensitive skin.

Tiger's Eye Brush Soap with Skin Prep Brush on white tile

Caring for your brush

Clean Brushes = Clear Skin!

Care for your Skin Prep Brush with Tiger's Eye Brush Soap.

Tiger's Eye uses natural disinfecting ingredients like honey, tea tree oil, and jojoba oil to break down oil residue and disinfect. Gentle ingredients that won't cause sensitivity in delicate skin left behind on the brush.

Skin prep brush head that has been dipped in Water Balm

Great for pros!

Serious professional makeup artists must have a clean Skin Prep Brush for each client.

Your Skin Prep Brushes are the ultimate tool for infection control, in addition to creating a luxury application experience your clients deserve. #elevatingartistry

Skin prep brush that has been dipped in Water Balm with Water Balm jar

Ready to order your skin prep brush?

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Jennifer M.
United States United States

Great application brush!

I love this brush for applying the water elixir to my face. It makes the application less messy versus using your hand.


Sonia Roselli Beauty

Hi Jennifer, Thanks so much for leaving your review! I am so happy to know that you are loving your Skin Prep Brush, and that it is making it easy to apply Water Elixir to your face! xo, Sonia

United States United States


This brush is a must have when using the Water Balm! I keep it with my products in a jar, brush side up. I only use this brush, not my fingers avoid getting bacteria in my water balm pot. It's a PERFECT addition to all my Sonia Roselli products!


Sonia Roselli Beauty

Hi Danna, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your review. I am so happy that you love your Skin Prep Brush and that you're finding it useful! I appreciate the support so much! xo, Sonia

Cynthia P.
United States United States

Great brush

The brush is super soft and easy to clean.


Sonia Roselli Beauty

Hi Cynthia, Thanks for your review! I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying your Skin Prep Brush and hope that it's making a difference in your product application! xo, Sonia

Angela K.
United States United States


Taking my skincare game to a whole new level, this brush feels so luxurious on my skin and really makes self care that much better!


Sonia Roselli Beauty

Hi Angela, Thank you so much for your review! I am so happy to know that you are loving your Skin Prep Brush and enjoying the luxurious treat for your skin! xo, Sonia

Sofia P.
Canada Canada

Skin Prep Brush

I use this for applying lotions and sunscreen on all my clients. It’s perfect for this!


Sonia Roselli Beauty

Hi Sofia, Thanks so much for your review. I'm so happy to hear that you are loving your Skin Prep Brush! Have a great day! xo, Sonia