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Learn how to use your Sonia Roselli Beauty skin prep system.

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Ditch the makeup primer

Why skin prep is a better choice than makeup primer alone and a quick step-by-step on how to get better makeup for any occasion.

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How to use sexapeel

How to use Sexapeel™ Exfoliation Spray. Discover all the places you can exfoliate your face & body so you can get sexy skin head to toe.

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How to use water elixir

Do you need a serum and moisturizer all in one? Reduce redness & calm your sensitive skin. Water Elixir will hydrate and plump up your skin for ageless skin.

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How to use water oil

Water Oil Skin Prep is a must have for sensitive skin. Water Oil has essential fatty oils to help you rebuild your skin barrier & healthy glow.

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How to use water balm

Water Balm Skin Prep is your moisturizer, makeup primer, serum, toner & eye cream all in one. Perfect for all ages.

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How to use JCO

Remove your sunscreen & makeup in one easy step. No need for a double cleanse, unless you want to. Great for all ages.

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Your Skin Prep Steps

In what order do you apply skin prep? Here's your step-by-step order of the entire line of Sonia Roselli Beauty.

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