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sexApeel Instant Exfoliation Spray

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A must have before any special event!

Gently exfoliate dead skin cells off your face and body and get clear, smooth skin. Look instantly brighter from head to toe!

Made in Korea

300 mL 

Outside the USA? Use to get our brand in your country!

Just spray, rub & rinse to gorgeous, sexy skin!

Sunburn Alert: This product contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards.

Water / Solvent

Butylene Glycol / Solvent & viscosity decreasing agent

Carbomer / Emulsion stabilizer; viscosity increasing agent

Citric Acid / Preservative and pH adjuster

Salvia Officinalis (sage) leaf extract / Skin conditioner & fragrance

Pyrus Malus (apple) fruit extract / Exfoliant & fragrance

Citrus Limon (lemon) fruit extract / Skin conditioner & fragrance

Actinidia Chinensis (kiwi) fruit extract / Skin conditioner & emollient

Sodium Hyaluronate / Humectant & skin conditioner

Hydrolyzed Collagen / Humectant & Skin conditioner

3-O-ethyl ascorbic acid /Skin conditioner

Mangifera indica (mango) seed oil /  Skin conditioner & emollient

Argania spinosa kernel oil (Argan Oil) /Skin conditioner & emollient

Adansonia digitata seed oil / Skin Conditioner & emollient

Hamamelis, virginiana (witch hazel) extract / Astringent

Musa sapientum (banana) fruit extract / Skin conditioner

Aloe barbadensis leaf extract / Humectant & skin conditioner

Hydrolyzed viola tricolor extract / Skin protectant

Glycolic acid / Exfoliant

Sodium chloride / Exfoliant

Polyepsilon-lysine / Skin conditioner & emulsifying Agent

Disodium EDTA / Chelating Agent & Viscosity control

How often can I use sexApeel?

You can use three to four times per week on your body or as needed. Be sure to use sunscreen afterwards.

Is sexApeel ok to use on the face?

Yes. However, please spray your hands and then rub on the face for no more than 10 seconds. Rinse.
For sensitive skin, rinse with water thoroughly.  
Limit face exfoliation twice per week. For extremely sensitive skin use once a week.

Are there any side effects of sexApeel?

As with any manual exfoliant, some people may experience sensitive skin. If you experience any type of redness or irritation, you're using it too much or too using too often. 

Is sexApeel safe for people with heart conditions?

This depends on the person. If you have been told to stay away from exfoliation due to heart conditions, then ask your doctor if this product would be ok for you to use. 

What is the recommended SPF with sexApeel?

An SPF of 30PA++ and higher.

When is the best time to use sexApeel?

We recommend using at night. After using, apply a serum or cream. sexApeel helps your skin absorb moisture and other products better.

Can people with eczema use this?

People with eczema or severe skin issues should avoid sexApeel. 

Can women who are pregnant use sexApeel?

While our ingredients are safe, it's best to ask your doctor. With pregnancy you may be more sensitive to any type of skin care product.

Can diabetics use sexApeel?

It's best to ask your doctor as he/she will know your case history better.

What is the pH of sexApeel?

Ph is between 2.8-3.8

How deep of an exfoliant is sexApeel?

sexApeel removes impurities and dead skin cells on the surface. 

Can I use sexApeel on the vajayjay?

Oh girl no. Why would you want to? 

Can I use on sunburned skin to remove the dead skin?

We would not advise it. However once the redness has gone, then proceed to spray to remove any dead skin cells on the surface.  

Can I use SexApeel before a spray tan? 

Absolutely! This is where sexApeel shines! For best results apply and then rinse off in shower.


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As I sit here on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, I can't believe it.....


SexApeel is finally done!

I won't lie, I didn't think I was gonna make it! :P

As a professional makeup artist that specializes in weddings, I would always show up to jobs with clients who needed some sort of surface exfoliation. Nothing makes your skin look old than skin that isn't exfoliated.  From the neck and chest to even the face, I wanted something I could use "on the fly" for special events and weddings.  I wanted something I could "spray" on and wipe off with a wet washcloth if a sink wasn't available. Enter my idea of an exfoliating spray!

As I researched, who better to help me than the Koreans. They know skin care and innovation better than anyone. (Koreans and the Japanese) So off to Korea I went....


One of the hardest parts of the development process was not the actual product formula, that was the easy part....We took a concept that was already developed in Korea and took out any potentially toxic ingredients and any hormone disruptors. That was important to me. I also made sure we used as many botanical and fruit enzymes as possible so it was suitable for sensitive skin.

I started on this formula in August of 2014 and had it completely done by March 2015.  So why did it take over a year to get to market?

It was the damn bottle and packaging.

That bottle & design nearly broke my spirit. Let's not even get to the part where you have to be sure your label is damn perfect.  I wish you could have seen my hair throughout this process....

Me and the margarita became such good friends! :)

My trusty VP of Sales, Bridgit, with our giant margaritas. We decided that you can tell what kind of day you have according to the size margarita you order.......

My trusty VP of Sales, Bridgit, with our giant margaritas. We decided that you can tell what kind of day you have according to the size margarita you order.......


The naming process was actually a lot of fun. There were many times I was reaching for my inhaler because I was crying with laughter.

I run a Facebook group with about 7,000 + pros, and I asked the trusty gals what we could call our instant exfoliating spray from Korea.  From "Grateful Shed" to "Instant Stripper" we all had such a good laugh. It was so difficult to decide on a name. I wanted them all.

Finally, Yvette Yolanda Avelar blurted out the name "sexApeel"...I think she was being silly but we all had a good laugh and decided we had a was a close race.


The bottle was a lot more difficult to source. We searched for months for the perfect bottle and we finally found one with a great shape that met our minimum quantity.
(If you're curious,most companies make you order 10-20,000 units per shape).
Packaging can almost break your budget right out of the gate.  

After we got the bottle and design, I decided to do a super sexy pearl finish. Since I am a lover of light, the bottle shimmers with a delicate glow. So pretty.

We were originally going to do the middle 200 mL size but we decided to do the the larger 300mL size for a few $ more. We kept the shape of the middle bottle for sexy-ness. Notice the entire room full of bottles. Gimme 3 choices, not 3,000. Where is the margarita?

We were originally going to do the middle 200 mL size but we decided to do the the larger 300mL size for a few $ more. We kept the shape of the middle bottle for sexy-ness. Notice the entire room full of bottles. Gimme 3 choices, not 3,000. Where is the margarita?


Back in the spring I had hired a really nice designer to do my bottle..and while I liked it, I won't lie..I didn't LOVE IT.  Here was the original design....

Our first design at SexApeel....

Our first design at SexApeel....

While many people on my Facebook group LOVED the bottle (and by all means, it was fine) I tossed and turned at night knowing "this isn't it"... Que in 3 more weeks of uncertainty.

Sometimes I hate having that perfection side in really keeps me from launching things as fast as I would like.


Because I didn't think my current designer "got it", I reached out to another biz owner friend who owns a really high end linen company and asked if she had any recommendations on someone who could bring my vision to life.

Enter her designer Colleen Murakami....

After a couple of meetings here in our Chicago studio, she came up with our new branding and new bottle design since sexApeel is one word, we had to be sure it flowed. And I couldn't be happier.......I think working with someone in your city really helps the process go much easier. She was more expensive but worth every penny....Here is what she created. Perfection.

sex-a-peel instant exfoliating spray
Our beautiful nude color looks gorgeous on the pearl finish bottle.

Our beautiful nude color looks gorgeous on the pearl finish bottle.

sex a peel instant exfoliating spray


What do you think?



how to use sex a peel


I have to admit, while this process did make me crazy, I am totally in love with this product and the design of the bottle now. Thanks to Colleen, she saved me from being luke warm about the bottle design.  I wanted the bottle to be as sexy as the product inside. Now it is. A special thanks goes to my right hand gal, Bridgit, who I love with every fiber of my being. She knows me inside and out and kept me sane through the process. Even when I was breaking down, she calmed me and held me tight! HAHA!

Someone on my Facebook group told me she once worked for a large cosmetic manufacturer. They always told her that the packaging should be fabulous to hold the "treasure" inside. I think this is going to be one of the most innovative products on the US market. I hope you treasure it as much as I loved creating it for you. Even if I did drink a lot of margaritas. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Up next, working on the Japanese skin care bottles & Italian face primer.


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