The Nude Makeup Brushes Full Set

Sonia Roselli Beauty

Want to go behind the scenes and learn all about makeup brushes? Watch our webinar on "Brush Hour: How Makeup Brushes Are Made!"

I'm bringing back old school with a TWIST! Introducing "The Nude Makeup Brush" collection! 

Back in the early 90's, I fell in love with natural hair pony and sable brushes. These brushes painted so beautifully and created the most gorgeous, natural, blended looks. I still have some of those brushes today!

Set Includes:

  1. Stipple Brush 
  2. Angled Stipple 
  3. Sable Foundation 
  4. Cream Cheek 
  5. Blush & Powder 
  6. Cream Eye 
  7. Base Shadow 
  8. Small Blender 
  9. Blend & Set 
  10. Smokey Detail 
  11. Smudge & Smolder 
  12. Bent Liner  
  13. Eye Shader 
  14. Concealer 
  15. Brow & Liner 
  16. Brow Detail 
  17. Brow Groomer 
  18. Brow 
  19. Retractable Lip Brush



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