Makeup Kit Checklist, build a makeup kit worth of top professionals
enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being prepared for anything
expiration dates included for safety, so your kit is always sanitary and safe
Have a list of all your product in case of theft of loss
Feel confident that you have everything you need to create any look
enjoy traveling with a well-organize makeup kit
template features: 30 years of experience, organize your kit like a pro, save money by building a better kit, track expired product
All the guesswork done for you
How it works: purchase, download, Open in Canva, Customize to your needs, and go!
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Makeup Kit Checklist

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Our Ultimate Makeup Kit Checklist is a meticulously designed digital tool, tailored for professional makeup artists specializing in bridal and print makeup.

With the dynamic and demanding nature of makeup artistry in mind, this checklist is not just a list; it's a comprehensive management solution.

  • Curated Product List: Developed by industry professionals, this checklist includes a thorough compilation of essential makeup items. Whether you're preparing for a bridal event or a print photoshoot, our list ensures you have every necessary tool at your disposal.
  • Google Sheets Integration: Embracing technology for convenience, the checklist is in a Google Sheets format. This allows for real-time updates, easy sharing with team members, and accessibility from any device, anytime, anywhere.
  • Expiration Date Tracking: With a special focus on product shelf life, the checklist is designed to keep track of expiration dates. This feature ensures the safety and quality of your makeup applications, maintaining the highest standards for your clients.
  • Inventory Control for Insurance: In the unfortunate event of your kit being lost or stolen, this checklist serves as a detailed inventory for insurance purposes. Every item logged provides a clear record, streamlining the claim process and offering peace of mind.
  • Travel Optimization: For the artist on the go, this checklist doubles as a travel companion, ensuring that you pack efficiently and effectively for any job, anywhere in the world.

🌟 Key Features:

  • Comprehensive List: An extensive list of must-have items specifically tailored for bridal and print makeup.
  • Google Sheets Format: Easy access and updating. Stay organized and efficient, whether you're at home or on the go.
  • Track Expiration Dates: Never use outdated products again. Our checklist helps you monitor the shelf-life of your makeup items.
  • Lost & Stolen Protection: Record every item in your kit. In case of loss or theft, have all the details ready for your insurance claims.
  • Travel-Friendly: Perfect for on-the-move makeup artists. Know exactly what you're carrying, making travel and set-ups a breeze.

🌈 Why Choose Our Checklist?

  • Simplify Your Workflow: Our user-friendly format makes tracking and updating your makeup inventory effortless.
  • Enhance Business Management: Keep your business running smoothly with organized and up-to-date inventory control.
  • Peace of Mind: Be prepared for any situation, from client consultations to unexpected kit emergencies.

🛍️ Who Will Benefit?

  • Professional Makeup Artists: Elevate your business with a tool that keeps you organized and ready for any project.
  • Bridal Makeup Specialists: Tailor your kit for weddings, ensuring you have every essential item for the big day.
  • Print Makeup Artists: Be set for photo shoots with a comprehensive list of print makeup necessities.
  • Traveling Artists: Perfect for those always on the move. Keep your kit compact and complete.

🚀 Get Your Digital Makeup Kit Checklist Today!

  • Easy to Use & Store: A digital solution that fits your dynamic lifestyle and business needs.
  • Boost Your Business Efficiency: Stay ahead in the competitive makeup industry with an organized approach.

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Get immediate access to this invaluable resource and start transforming your approach to bridal makeup today. Check your inbox 15 minutes after purchase.


The checklist includes a comprehensive list of essential items for bridal and print makeup, complete with space for tracking expiration dates and inventory for insurance purposes.

The checklist is provided in Google Sheets format. Upon purchase, you will receive a link to access and download it. You can then use it directly in Google Sheets, which allows for real-time updates and accessibility from any device.

Absolutely! The checklist is fully customizable. You can add or remove items, modify categories, and adjust it according to your unique business needs and preferences.

Yes, the checklist is designed with traveling makeup artists in mind. It helps in efficient packing and ensures you don't forget any essential items.

The checklist has a dedicated column for expiration dates. You can enter the dates when you purchase or open a product, and use this information to track when items need to be replaced.

Yes, having a detailed record of your kit's contents can be invaluable for insurance claims in case of loss or theft. The checklist ensures you have all necessary information at hand.

It's best to update your checklist whenever you add or remove items from your kit, or when items reach their expiration date. Regular updates ensure the checklist remains accurate and useful.

While it is primarily designed for professionals, especially those in bridal and print makeup, it can be an excellent resource for anyone looking to organize their makeup collection efficiently.

The purchase of the checklist includes individual use rights. If you're interested in a team license or multiple copies, please contact us for more information and special pricing.

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