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Ageless Beauty


You will learn:

  • How to prep your skin so that makeup looks flawless & fresh.
  • How to properly apply concealer to look less tired.
  • How to choose the right foundation textures for aging skin.
  • How to properly apply blush to look fresh and radiant.
  • How to properly apply eyeshadow for an aging eye.
  • How to properly apply mascara for ageless beauty.

Answers to any cosmetic surgery procedures you may have (botox, lasers, etc.)

$150 with Associate
$200 with Sonia (availability is very limited. Please schedule in advance)

*All instructors of Ageless Beauty are over 40.  Note: Sonia Roselli reserves the right to match you with another instructor if there is a schedule conflict. In such instances, participants will be alerted within 24 hours of booking the class. 


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