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Tired of wimpy lashes?  Get new ones!

Lashes are great for weddings, honeymoon, class reunions or just because.

Bad day? Lashes make everything better.

All lashes are done by our resident lash guru, Sami, who is a master lash extension specialist with 8 years of experience.

You can come to the studio or for a slight up charge we can come to your home.

You tell us! We'll be there!

Eyelash extensions are single lash synthetic hairs attached to a single natural eyelash to create a thicker, longer lash look.

Eyelash extensions are a blend of silk and PBT sterilized plastic with a customized length, thickness and curl for each individual.

These damage-free lashes cover up to 90% of your natural lashes, and can last UP TO 8 weeks. Individual results will vary from person to person.


Classic Lash Aftercare for long lasting, damage free eyelash extensions.

  • Brush lashes everyday, do not brush when wet.
  • Gently cleanse your lashes and lids daily with Sterilid foaming cleanser(found at drugstores). Avoid cotton, use fingertips or disposable lip gloss wands.
  • Blot dry with paper towel
  • If you must wear mascara, avoid putting mascara at the base of extensions. Never wear waterproof on extensions. (For volume lashes-DO NOT wear mascara).
  • Don't pull lashes.
  • Use Sterilid foam as a makeup remover on eyelids and lashes
  • Avoid touching your lashes (other than cleansing). Oil will break down glue.
  • When showering let shampoo and conditioner fall to the back of your head, not over lahshes
  • Sleep on your back or side with lashes off the pillow
  • Use saline solution to wash out eyes of experiencing the need to rub the eye or to remove any debris(i.e.-makeup, lint, whatever) This is actually good for the lashes because it will cleanse and remove proteins and oils that break down the adhesive
  • Get a touch up (fill) every 3-4 weeks, or before you have shed more than 50%.