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Course: Setting Your Bridal Makeup Rates

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If you're a bridal makeup artist and want to make more money without working crazy hours, this class is for you.

It's like a mini-business school for makeup pros.

We'll teach you how to figure out what to charge for your services so you can earn a good living and still have time for yourself and your family.

  • Easy-to-Understand Pricing Tips: We'll show you how to set prices that make sense for you and attract awesome clients.
  • Kick Out the Doubts: Feel like you're not good enough to charge more? We'll help you get past that and see how amazing you really are.
  • Know Your Worth: We'll help you understand how valuable your time is so you can price your services the right way.
  • Grow Your Business Smarts: You'll learn the money side of running your makeup biz, like how to keep track of costs and make more profit.
  • Plan for the Future: Thinking about growing your team? We've got you covered on how to price for that, too.
  • Fun Lessons: Our lessons are engaging and get right to the point, so you learn a lot without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Real Stuff You Can Use: We give you exercises and examples that you can apply to your work right away.
  • Learn Anywhere: You can access the class on your phone or computer, so you can learn wherever and whenever.
  • Make Friends and Learn Together: Join a group of makeup artists just like you to share stories and grow together.
  • Boost Your Earnings: Learn how to set rates that reflect your talent and hard work, leading to more income.
  • Financial Freedom: Gain the skills to charge what you're worth, opening the door to a more comfortable and secure financial future.
  • Time Flexibility: With better rates, you can work less and still earn more, giving you more free time to enjoy life.
  • Confidence Boost: Say goodbye to doubts about your pricing; this course empowers you to price with confidence.
  • Career Growth: Master the art of pricing not just for yourself, but for a growing team, paving the way for expanding your business.
  • Learn On Your Terms: Access the course from anywhere, anytime - perfect for busy schedules.
  • Community Support: Join a group of like-minded artists, share experiences, and grow together.
  • Extra Tools for Success: Get bonus content like destination wedding pricing guides and easy-to-use spreadsheets to keep your business organized and profitable.

Meet Sonia! She's a 20 year pro at bridal makeup and 30 year veteran of the beauty industry. She knows all the tricks of the trade for setting the right prices.

She's friendly, down-to-earth, and super excited to help you grow your business.

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We encourage you to read the course descriptions, FAQs, and any available previews carefully to ensure the course will meet your needs before purchasing.

Thank you for understanding and respecting this policy as it allows us to continue creating high-quality, valuable content for our students.

If you're all in for making more money, feeling confident in your prices, and taking your makeup biz to the next level, then this course is for you. Let's get started!

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Learn how to stand apart from the crowd with rates that not only keep you booked, but attract BETTER clients.

Sonia Roselli smiling at camera
Life, Improved!

Hi! I'm Sonia!

Want to raise your rates, earn a full time living doing part-time work, spend more time with your family & loved ones, and call the shots in your own life?

Sweet! That's my special sauce!

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Inside the course, you'll do extensive mind shift work on why you should never be scared to charge what you need to earn a full time living as a bridal makeup artist.

Kick that imposter syndrome in the ass.

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Learn on the go or in your bed.

Hosted on Kajabi, use the desktop version or the app, and learn wherever you feel cozy.



For brides, bridesmaids, retail and any other job that comes your way.


You'll truly know how much your time is worth to price any situation.


Using simple steps to increase your average contract value to existing clients.


Setting your rates is 90% mind shift and 10% simple biz math. After this course, you'll be confident you did it right!


Thinking about growing a team? After this class you'll know how to price a team with confidence.


Let them stay on the struggle bus while you earn your way to multiple 6-figure income. You'll have the last laugh.

But above all else...

You'll be able to provide a stable income to support your family & have the freedom that comes from owning your own beauty business.



The Fundamentals

Lesson 1: What You Need To Know
Lesson 2: More Clients, More Money?
Lesson 3: Who Is Your Ideal Client?
Lesson 4: Pricing Is An Art

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Makeover Your Mindset

Lesson 5: Don’t Shop With Your Own Wallet
Lesson 6: I’ll Pay Extra For That
Lesson 7: The Psychology of Rate Setting
Lesson 8: Are You Worth It?
Lesson 9: What Do Bride’s Value?

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Crunching Your Numbers

Lesson 10: Pricing Prep
Lesson 11: Your Costs Of Doing Biz 
Lesson 12: Pricing Your Competitors
Lesson 13: How to Use Your Spreadsheets

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Lesson 14: Getting Started
Lesson 15: Pricing Makeup Trials
Lesson 16: Pricing Travel Fees
Lesson 17: Pricing Bridesmaids
Lesson 18: Setting Your Minimums
Lesson 19: Pricing No-Shows & Cancellations
Lesson 20: Pricing Day & Half Day Rates
Lesson 21: Pricing Packages & Your Team
Lesson 22: Pricing Your Deposits
Lesson 23: Pricing Overtime
Lesson 24: Pricing Early Morning Fees
Lesson 25: Pricing Additional Artists
Lesson 26: Pricing Your Retail
Lesson 27: Taxes, Taxes, Taxes
Lesson 28: When to Raise Your Rates

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Pricing Destination Weddings

BONUS LESSON: Learn how to price your destination weddings along with my signature "Destination Wedding" Best Fit Phone Call Questionnaire.

A $199 value.

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Plug & Play Spreadsheets

8 "plug & play" spreadsheets that make number crunching easy. Keep as a living document in your business and edit as you grow.

A $199 value.

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It's Time To

Earn a Living without Apology

You can stay on the struggle bus or you can learn how to set your rates with confidence.

After this course, there is no more second guessing your way to multiple-6-figure income.

Prove everyone wrong who said your dream is just a "hobby".


Yes, the course is a one-time transaction.

After getting access to your course, we recommend saving the link, login and pass in your bookmarks. This ensures that you always have access to them, as we are unable to provide a second download link.

Should you face any issues during the download, our support team is always here to assist you.

This course is designed for bridal makeup artists at any career stage who want to learn how to set their rates, increase their earnings, and achieve financial freedom while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

While the focus is on bridal makeup, the pricing strategies and business insights are valuable for any makeup artist looking to understand and set competitive rates in their field.

Not at all! This course is crafted to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their business background. We'll cover everything you need to know from the ground up.

The course is very robust. The course is self-paced, so you can take as much time as you need. Most participants complete it within a few weeks, dedicating a few hours each week.

But I always suggest watching at least 2-3 times then doing the homework.

Trust me, this course will be worth it and a transferable skill to any area of business. It's worth the time to learn.

Absolutely! The course is available on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. This flexibility allows you to learn at your convenience. Our platform runs on Kajabi.

Our course combines practical pricing strategies with a focus on mindset and self-worth, providing a comprehensive approach. Additionally, you'll get bonus materials, and real-world applications.

Yes! You’ll have access to a community of fellow makeup artists, where you can share experiences and get feedback. However, personalized one-on-one coaching with Sonia is not included. However there are recorded group coaching sessions inside the course.

No, there are no hidden fees or additional costs. All course materials, including bonus content, are included in the initial purchase price.

The only thing you may want to purchase is software for running your books or CRMs.

Definitely! This course is great for newcomers as it provides foundational pricing knowledge that's crucial for starting your business on the right foot.

The course is designed with practicality in mind. You’ll learn actionable strategies and get tools that you can immediately apply to your business.

Yes, even established artists can benefit greatly. The course covers advanced topics like expanding your team and increasing your rates, which are perfect for growing your business.

The course primarily consists of pre-recorded lessons for you to complete at your own pace, but we may occasionally offer live Q&A sessions or webinars for an additional cost for deeper learning and interaction.

Once you enroll, you’ll be added to our mailing list where we’ll keep you updated on course materials, updates, and any additional resources we provide.

To provide this course at an affordable price, access is granted for one year from the date of your purchase. This duration allows ample time to complete and review the course at your own pace.

You can keep your downloaded material forever. Just save to a Dropbox or Google drive.

While the course is designed for self-paced learning and does not include ongoing individual support, you'll gain access to our private Facebook community, 'Business of Bridal.' Here, you can receive coaching and engage with a network of peers for additional support and guidance.

We don't offer certifications at this time. But if this is something that you'd like, you please reach out to support@soniaroselli.com.

Yes, we offer flexible payment plans thru Shop Pay. Details are available on the checkout page.

We regularly update the course to reflect the latest trends and information in the makeup industry. You'll always have access to the most current strategies and tips.

That said, this course is timeless pricing strategies that have stood the test of time.

Yes, the course includes interactive elements such as practical exercises, and real-life case studies to enhance your learning experience and help you apply the concepts in real-world scenarios.

While direct one-on-one interaction with Sonia may not be a regular feature of the course, we encourage participants to engage in the community forums where the Sonia is active and you can get your questions answered.


Sonia's training has been invaluable in my business growth. All of her classes are worth 3x what they cost. I reference them often whenever I get stuck.

Amber H

This shit is pure gold! I had no idea how much there was to know about setting your rates! Blown away!

Nika D

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A Sonia Roselli Beauty Customer
Ivy B.
United States United States

An empowering mind shift

While I have an art degree and work in a creative field, everything I’ve learned about business and entrepreneurship, I’ve learned on my own, via trial and error. With no plans to return to get a marketing or business degree, I seek out education like this to make sure I’m not making things harder for myself while pursuing a career I genuinely love. I committed to completing this class before booking a single 2023 bride and I cannot tell you how glad I am for that. This was like a Harvard business class with sass and sensibility. I honestly cannot believe how much Sonia packed into this. The resources are bananas. Sonia doesn’t just give you permission to charge your worth; she lays out logical reasoning to back it up. Once you learn the psychology of pricing, I promise you will never see things the same again. Taking this class was truly one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my makeup artistry business. My 2023 wedding season promises to be my most profitable yet and this course is 100% why.


Sonia Roselli Beauty

Hi Ivy, Thank you so much for your thoughtful review. I am very happy to hear that you are loving your Course: Setting Your Bridal Makeup Rates - I know that you are going to have an amazing and successful 2023! Please keep us posted! I wish you the very best of luck as you get going! xo, Sonia

Lina W.
United States United States

Awesome products

AMAZING results and wonderful products. I use them on my makeup clients all the time.


Sonia Roselli Beauty

Hi Lina, Thanks so much for leaving your review! I am so happy to hear that you are loving your Course on Setting Your Bridal Makeup Rates and wish you all the best in your biz! xo, Sonia

Tamecka C.
United States United States

This Course Exceeded my Expectations!

This course goes beyond "the standard, researching your competition to set your rates". While that can be a factor, there's so much more for an artist/stylist to consider. Sonia provides so may nuggets, that will exceed your expectations. You will immediately be able to tell how much work Sonia has poured into this course. P.S. Setting Your Bridal Makeup Rates pairs nicely with her Finding Your Ideal Client Course.


Sonia Roselli Beauty

Hi Tamecka, Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying your Setting Your Bridal Makeup Rates Course, and that you are finding value in it! I wish you all the best for your biz! xo, Sonia