Blush Draping Palette


Retro technique, revived! 

As a professional makeup artist, I won't lie...I adore blush! Blush takes off years to your look and brings color back into the face. 

Social media influencers use the term "Blush Draping" as if they have made up something new. Made popular in the 1980's, this "technique" never really went out of style with professional makeup artists. 

What is blush draping? You start by using a darker color blush, almost as if you would a contour color. Add a lighter color blush above the darker blush to create an "ombre" effect. (The trick is to not see where the two colors stop and start.) 

Today we do a more modern, wearable version of blush draping. It's not meant to be worn like we wore it in the 80's, but done correctly, it is absolutely one of my favorite "tricks" in beauty.

The most natural way to wear "Blush Draping" is to choose blush in the same color family but in different color depths. For more bold wearing makeup lovers, wear a bold color with a light color on top.

Below are some examples of color combinations. Let your imagination run wild!
Video coming soon!

Happy blush draping! 

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