Biz Bundle: Scale Your Beauty Biz
Biz Bundle: Scale Your Beauty Biz
Biz Bundle: Scale Your Beauty Biz
Biz Bundle: Scale Your Beauty Biz
Biz Bundle: Scale Your Beauty Biz
Biz Bundle: Scale Your Beauty Biz
Biz Bundle: Scale Your Beauty Biz
Biz Bundle: Scale Your Beauty Biz

Biz Bundle: Scale Your Beauty Biz

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A Mega-Bundle of all 8 Beauty Biz Building Downloads! A Must-Have for those ready to kickstart their career. 

This bundle includes: 

1) Done For You: Wedding Pricing & Prep Guide

This gorgeous 40+ page pricing guide can be sent to prospective brides they can download it from your website.

Swipe the very pricing guide I had in my own business for over a decade!

The Wedding Pricing Guide helps you book more brides. Most of all, it helps you book brides in your sleep! 

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2) Done For You: Wedding Makeup & Hair Contract

Update your bridal makeup contract with our handy template and be prepared for any Covid-19 challenges for 2022 and beyond! 

If a global pandemic has taught us anything, it's that we need to protect ourselves and our business with a wedding makeup contract. This is the very contract I used in my wedding business for 20 years. 

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3) Done For You: Independent Contractor Agreement

Building a bridal makeup team? Are you worried about artists & stylists being late or worse, not showing up to the job? This Independent Contractor Agreement manages expectations for your freelance team.

With this template, save time and money by having your attorney edit an already "done for you" agreement. Your attorney will make modifications that fit your business for your state and location. Saving you thousands of dollars from having them create one from scratch.

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4) Done For You: FAQ for Your Website

Wanna book more brides? Here are the top reasons a FAQ page on your website is a MUST-HAVE:

  1. Improves the experience your brides have with your brand
  2. Reduces the back-and-forth emails
  3. Makes the decision to book you easier
  4. Improves your website SEO on Google & other search engines

You may be thinking "That's great, Sonia, but what the hell do I say?"

Have no fear, my friend, I did all the hard work for you! 

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5) Done For You: Social Media & Marketing Plan

What's Inside:

  1. 365 Days of "Done For You" Content For Your Socials, Blog & Email Newsletters to grow your bridal beauty biz.
  2. 30+ Pages Of Step By Step (with instructions.)
  3. 12-Month Calendar "At A Glance" For Easy Access.
  4. Prompts To Get Clients To Take Action.
  5. Video Tutorial On How To Use The Plan (Sneak Peek Below. Scroll Down)
  6. Tools You'll Need To Be Batch Content Like a Pro.
  7. This strategy was my 6-figure bridal beauty business for 20 years!

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6) Done For You: Essential Email Responses & Workflows

Do you struggle with what to say in emails? Inside are the very emails I used in my multiple 6-figure wedding makeup business.

From scheduling, signing contracts, and chasing the money from clients, I've written all the emails you need to get your wedding business up and running smoothly, saving you a ton of time!

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7) Done For You: Makeup Kit Checklist

This makeup kit checklist has everything you need:

  1. List of must-have items for your makeup kit for bridal and print makeup.
  2. Google Sheets format so you can always be up to date.
  3. Expiration dates included.
  4. Keep track of your products in case your kit is ever lost or stolen (great for your insurance company).
  5. Easy to use, easy to store, and great for running a better business.

Great list for travel, so you know what you're bringing with you.

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8) Done For You: Makeup Trial Consultation Form

This template helps you design a look your brides will love. Ask the right questions to do your best makeup (and have brides loving everything you do!)

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