Course: Book More Clients

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Get a fully automated booking process in 7 days or less!
Book 70% more clients in your makeup business with this QUICK WIN course. 

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Course: Book More Clients



The Solution

Automations & The Best Fit Phone Call

Get a fully automated sales funnel set up for your makeup biz in 7 days or less!

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Get Consistent Clients With This Mind Blowing Process!

The Easiest Way To Book More Clients

Get right to the "meat" of the class so you can get set up quickly.

The step-by-step set up will have you booking clients almost instantly.



With my Best Fit Phone Call strategy, you'll spend more time doing makeup and less time doing office work.


Build Personal Connection

When people feel a personal connection, you'll naturally book more clients (and get more referral business).

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Build Your Client Base Quickly

Build your client list so fast, you'll think it's illegal!

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Tell The Algorithms to Kiss Your Ass

Own all your customer data, so when the social media algorithm changes, zero f*cks given.


Put Your Blog On Overdrive.

With this easy automation strategy, turn that old blog content into a gold mine of free leads.


Not Just For Bridal Artists

Book art directors & photographers overnight with a few modifications.

This process will impress even the most savvy commercial clients.

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Module 1: Automate Your Business

-Lesson 1: Why You Should Automate Your Business
Important things to know about why you want to automate to make more money.

-Lesson 2: The Step-by-Step Roadmap
Easy-to-follow step-by-step roadmap so you'll always know you're doing it right.

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Module 2: The Best Fit Phone Call

Lesson 3-What is the Best Fit Phone Call?
Convert 70% of your inquires into paying contracts.

Lesson 4: Why You Want Clients To Book You Online
Learn why not allowing clients to book you online is costing you money.

Lesson 5: Where Your BFPC Links Live
Learn where to put your Best Fit Phone Call links for best results.

Lesson 6: The BFPC Questions: Learn how the targeted questions help you determine if this client is a good fit for your business, or if they're a bunch of red flags.

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Module 3: Your Wedding Pricing & Prep Guide

Lesson 7: Your Wedding Pricing Guide
Learn why having your prices on your website keeps you from booking more clients.

Lesson 8-What's Included In Your Wedding Pricing & Prep Guide
Learn how to create a Wedding Pricing & Prep Guide that will book more clients.

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Module 4: The Welcome Flow Automation

Lesson 9: What is A Welcome Flow Sequence
Learn why this easy setup will have you booking clients without all the back and forth email.

Lesson 10: How To Write Your Welcome Flow Series
This step-by-step process will help you set up the perfect sales funnel that books clients quickly.

Lesson 11: BTS of a Welcome Flow Sequence
Watch how we do a welcome flow sequence inside Honeybook. Helps you get set up quickly.

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Module 5: Putting It Together

Lesson 12: Where to Put Your Links
Learn where to put all your links, from social to your website and more!

Lesson 13: Best Practices:
A must-have video of best practices to get the most out of your process.

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Bonus: Tech Library & 1 Group Coaching

A video tech library so you know you can set it up correctly. We feature Honeybook, FloDesk and Squarespace in our tech library tutorials.

Sign Up before July 10, 2022 and get 1 group coaching with Sonia on July 11, 202 at 5 pm EST on Zoom.

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Spend More Time Doing Doing What You Love!



  • A. If you took Finding Your Ideal Client, you learned about the Best Fit Phone Call and automation. This course goes a bit deeper and gives you a quick step-by-step that builds on what you learned inside Finding Your Ideal Client.
  • A. This course is for you if you have our Done For You Wedding Pricing & Prep Guide but are not using it to its full potential. If you want to set up your Pricing & Prep Guide to do all the work for you without answering hundreds of emails, this course will help you make your pricing guide the extra employee in your business. It just takes a little bit of work on the front end for significant returns in earning more money as a makeup artist.
  • A. Absofuckinlutely. Using digital marketing secrets to run your service-based business is always a good idea. Spend more time doing makeup and hair and less time working IN your business. This will free up so much time and help you book more commercial clients and photo sessions because you'll always be easy to do business.
  • A. Yes! It's always a good idea to set up your website to be ready for when the clients DO come. Having these simple processes in place helps you break the barrier to entry to do business with, and in turn, clients will book you over the competition. However, to get more clients, you first need to understand who your ideal client. You may want to take this Ideal Client First and return to take this course afterward.
  • A. Yes! While I strongly urge any beauty professional to have a website over social media, you can still take this course. Keep in mind you will still need to set up automation via social media vs. your website. So keep that in mind while going through the course. Once you've taken the course, check out our Luxury Website In A Weekend Course. Remember that if social media algorithms change (and always do), you've lost a direct connection to your clients. Get back your power from social media and build a luxury website that books better clients.
  • A. Is your process working for you? If you feel like your processes could be tightened up or you are trying to build a team, you may want to take this course to learn the proven strategies that helped me grow a 6-figure wedding business.
  • A. Here are a few things you'll want to have before taking this course. I think these are important investments in your business. You may have these tools already.

    • A Website (strongly recommended but not required)
    • Email Service Provider (The built-in one in your website platform or a 3rd party email service provider.)
    • Free Google Drive with basic knowledge of Google Docs
    • Free Canva Account and basic understanding of using Canva.
    • HoneyBook or Other CRM (This helps you keep all your details nice and tidy and organized) Dubsado, 17 Hats, or any of these will work, but I'll show the step-by-step in Honeybook inside this course.
    • Zoom Account
    • Online Booking Platform (Either from your website platform or 3rd party platform)
  • A. Since you learn my step-by-step processes in this class, there are no refunds on digital courses or downloads. Unfortunately, many people in the beauty industry don’t operate in good faith. Many beauty pros over the years have stolen content from us in years past, want to take the class or share their login links with thousands of people or ask for refunds, knowing full well this was their plan all along. However, if you’re struggling to implement this class, you can ask the study group we have inside to help you get to the finish line. I genuinely want to see you succeed.

    I hope you understand.