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The Science Behind Our Formulas

Teaming up with world-leading Japanese and Korean cosmetic chemists, our products reflect a blend of artistry and science.


Sonia Roselli's Journey

From a renowned makeup artist of 30 years to addressing her own skin struggles post-hysterectomy, Sonia recognized the damaging effects of influencer-promoted products. It became clear that many big brands were profit-driven, not people-driven.

Taking matters into her own hands, Sonia embarked on creating an indie brand dedicated to genuinely addressing skin needs.

Sonia with glowing skin holding water elixir, insert of Sonia with damaged skin
Sonia and team getting ready in PPE to go into the formulation lab

Years in the Making

I'm super selective. Not every idea sees the light of day. If I wouldn't use it, why would you?

My dedication means only the best products reach you. With my 20+ years of expertise in esthetics and makeup, I've designed skincare that hydrates and primes, and feeling tailor-made for mature skin.

Why Use Our Skincare?

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All-Day Softness

Skin feels soft, hydrated and happy all day. With or without makeup.

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No Redness

Our products help your skin stay hydrated which keeps your skin calm and not red.

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Stay Fresh

Look young and bright with ridiculously hydrated skin.

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Easy to Use

Just a 5 step routine. With our multi-purpose products, skincare and makeup prep together saves you time.

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Safe and Gentle

Feeds your skin, so it always feels happy.

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Easy Steps, Big Results

Nourishment Without Fear
Our formulas provide up to 24-hour hydration without the risk of irritation. When skin is hydrated, it thrives.


Pure hydration. Zero artificial fragrances.

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Advanced Hydration

Molecular science ensures your skin maintains optimal moisture levels.

Woman pumps Japanese Cleansing Oil into hand


Traditional Japanese ingredients combat redness and skin irritation in your skin

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Barrier Protection

Advanced ceramide formulation strengthens your skin's natural barrier against irritants and pollutants.

Looking into open jar of intense barrier cream

No Fear of Irritation

Our products are formulated with gentle ingredients, tested on humans, to ensure minimal allergic reactions.

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Low to No Fragrance

Hydration-focused, low to no fragrance, and no chemical fragrance when we required.

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Quality over Quantity

Every product is a culmination of years of research and rigorous testing.

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Freshness Guaranteed
Our small-batch manufacturing ensures that every product you receive is at its freshest.
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How to Videos
From bite-sized 'How-To' videos to an in-depth 40-minute skin prep masterclass, we ensure you're equipped to get the best out of our products.
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Real People, Real Reviews


I can’t believe how hydrated my skin feels. I have access to so many different professional grade products and I haven’t found anything this hydrating.

Melissa P.

Two days of using it and I had glowing skin and my makeup didn't look terrible. Foundations I thought were garbage ended up just needing the right skincare prep.

Suzanne R.
Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been using these products for years now, and they’re the absolute best! Always consistent. My skin always feels amazing, hydrated, calm and comfortable. I’ll never be without a backup because I refuse to run out!

Blair G.
Los Angeles, CA

I have been looking for a skin care line to hydrate & rejuvenate. This is it! My skin is supple and glowing! I will continue using. In fact I’m going to purchase as gifts for my friends.

Lisa S.
Los Angeles, CA

I have stopped using everything else that I have. My skin reacts fabulously to these products.

Patricia G