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  • How to prep your skin so your makeup looks fresh and flawless.
  • How to properly apply concealer to help you look look less tired.
  • How to choose the right foundation textures for aging skin.
  • How to properly apply blush to take years off your look.
  • How to properly apply eyeshadow to look youthful and fresh.
  • How to properly apply mascara that give you lashes to die for.
  • Help you navigate any cosmetic surgery procedures you may be thinking about (botox, lasers, etc.).

  • Ageless Beauty is perfect for any post cosmetic procedures that need to compliment your new look.


  • For Botox, injectables and other cosmetic procedures, we love and recommend Dr. Elysa Fisher near Old Orchard in Wilmette. 847-256-9400. She is masterful at making you look well rested, not overdone.

  • For lasers, we love and recommend New Horizons in Skokie. Lasers are a great way to slow down and reverse any skin texture issues that makeup can't fix.

    *All instructors of Ageless Beauty are over 40. 


  • 90 MINUTES $150 
  • WITH SONIA $300 (Saturday appointments only)
  • ADDITIONAL TIME: $50 per half hour
  • ADDITIONAL TIME W/SONIA $100 per half hour.

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