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Are YouTube tutorials leaving you feeling frustrated and even more confused? Do you wish you could find someone to give you honest coaching and instruction? We have a makeup class solution you've been looking for!

In our class Flawless Face, you will learn the basic makeup needed to build on more advanced looks.

You will learn:

  • How to properly prep your skin for makeup.
  • How to properly choose the right foundation color.
  • How to properly apply concealer.
  • How to choose the tools to use for each job.
  • How to properly apply blush that looks fresh and beautiful.
  • How to properly apply basic eyeshadow for your individual eye shape.
  • How to properly apply mascara that allows your lashes to look longer.
  • How to choose lip colors that are flattering to your skin tone.


90 MINUTES: $150 

We book additional add on time in 30 minute blocks.
$50 per block

Note: Sonia Roselli reserves the right to match you with another instructor if there is a schedule conflict. In such instances, participants will be alerted within 24 hours of booking the class.

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