Dry Skin Defense Duo

Dry Skin Defense Duo

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For Dry Skin

Introducing the Dry Skin Defense Duo, a dynamic duo crafted to rescue and restore dry, parched skin to its former glory. This remarkable bundle combines the power of the Intense Barrier Cream and the Water Balm, delivering an unrivaled skincare experience that tackles dryness head-on.

Filled with antioxidants, amino acids, ceramides, and peptides, this collection will not only help repair your skin barrier, helping you feel less red and parched, you'll fall in love with your face after just one application. Wear alone or under makeup.

This kit includes:

A five-in-one multi-purpose gel crème that kicks your parched skin in the ass. Great for travel, Water Balm is your moisturizer, toner/serum, day cream, night cream, and makeup primer in one. Plump up fine lines and wrinkles and any skin issues you may have, and be smooth as a baby's bum.

Artist Tip: Don't you dare go without Water Balm for any important event. Like, never!

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This rich, creamy formula maintains and protects the skin's physical barrier, keeping harmful elements out and preventing the skin from drying out. The result is softer, smoother, and more youthful-looking skin. Perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin, it helps lock in moisture and keep the skin hydrated.

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