November 01, 2015



New York Bridal Fashion week never fails to keep you on the edge of your seat. Hair, makeup, clothes all leave my eyes glazed like a Krispy Kreme donut. And while we all may love a good Krispy Kreme donut, if you want to fit into these dresses, you may wanna pass the donut to your evil mother in law.

I was fortunate to spend the day with the folks at Kleinfeld's and boy were the necklines and dresses super daring to say the least! 

Kleinfelds is a staple bridal boutique filled with what wedding dreams are made of. Organza and lace, sugar and spice, my booty was sitting on the edge of it's seat the entire time. Why am I thinking of food as I write this blog post? 

Each and every designer didn't disappoint. Each dress that came out was better than the one before. Dare I say it seemed like some may have been under the influence while being inspired?  I'm not judging! It works! Pass the vodka! Oh wait....


What I noticed:
Bridal Couture is taking a new turn in the fashion world and I CANNOT be happier. For years it's been the same old thing, strapless dressed and mermaid skirts. While these are classic staples I am so excited to see something uber sexy hit the catwalk. And from catwalk to sidewalk I want to be sure you are rocking your wedding like the celebrity you are...but get your gym memberships ready, these dresses are not for the couch potatoes of the world. Nothing will get you in shape more than being in front of a camera with one of these sexy gowns on.

What we are seeing in bridal:
Say goodbye to the classic full skirt, in pale ivory with matching lace overlay........

Say hello to plunging back lines, (trains that will make you almost die from lack of air once you find your inhaler from being overcome with emotion and an 2 hours on the treadmill). Dresses that fit so tight, you may need to skip eating all together and find someone that can do a good colonic a day or two before your wedding day. I tease, I tease. (here is a great one in Chicago

These dresses are so tight, you will need the jaws of life as a sex device during foreplay on the honeymoon night.  Hey, that could be kinky, right? 

The Pnina Tornai 2016 of Kleinfelds was probably the most die worthy collection that I saw while in NY!  Each and every dress looked like a fairy tale came to life and almost all of them drenched in pearls and crystals just adding to the fabulousness of each dress! Decadence is back and so is daring!  I double dare you to get the extra serving of ice cream. Put it down. NOW!

The direction of bridal is changing and for the better kitten faces!!  Maybe this will get me off my behind and into the gym, and I'm not even getting married.  So get that gym membership ready gals, we all are gonna need it! It’s now all about embracing the beauty of your body and slightly flaunting it.  

Who moved my cheese and wine and replaced it with green tea and edamame?  

This is just a small sampling of some of the yummy delight they were shoving in my face this year...thank God it's calorie free.....

My favor of you darlings…… think outside the box and don’t be afraid to give that soon to be beau a peek of what’s to come! Honeymoon night, here we come! Jaws of life standing by.

Would you like me to go shopping with you to find the perfect wedding dress?  HIRE ME.

Until next time dolls…. xo, Patrick

Patrick Niles is a fashion stylist in Chicago, IL. Patrick is available for wedding day services and personal shopping services with Sonia Roselli. Email us for more info on how to relax on your wedding day and have a personal stylist help you get dressed and picture perfect.

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