Must Have Products For Over 50 Makeup

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This week, I made you a video highlighting the must have products and tools I use for me and my clients, who are women over 50. Watch this video to find out where to get those products, and for some great tips for over 50 makeup.

Try these things and we will be looking like teenagers when we’re done.


Hi everybody, Sonia Roselli from Glossible and today I'm going to teach you, my lovely ageless beauties, some really important things that we need in our kit so you're ready to get started? Let's dive in!

For me, it's all about skin prep. And the reason that I think skin prep is so important is because our complexion is what makes us look youthful and radiant, and when your skin is youthful and radiant and has a little bit of glow to it. It just looks ageless and obviously I have my skincare line. I have all of this: I have my sexAPeel, Water Balm. I also like luminizers and I like luminizers that are a little bit radiant, but they're not disco ball so I don't like anything too metallic This is the Armani. I like the Tata Harper one a lot. I also like liquid blushes. I think liquid blushes are fantastic because really what we're looking for is anything to look skin-like. Creams and liquids are always going to look skin-like. And as we start to get older, powders just can make everything look dull and dry.

The other thing I like to do is I love skin masks. Skin masks I do all the time. I do them several times a week, so I will get up and wash my face with Japanese Cleansing Oil and then I'll put on my hydrating mask while I have coffee. And then I'll come back in here and add on my skin prep. 

Now, I do have a few powder products. I have a powder that I kind of set my makeup with. This is something that I got in Japan. I have a little bit of a powder blush because I like to add blush on top of my makeup when I do a cream. I have a few eyeshadows, but not a ton.

And I also have brushes. So I use really nice brushes. I like natural hair brushes, you're more than welcome to use whatever you want. Obviously I just wash mine and some Tiger's Eye Brush Soap because it's Sunday -- and that's what I do on Sunday, every Sunday. 

Now, let's talk about the big thing that I also love to have in my kit. I love tools. I love pencils because, you know, a lot of us as we get older, we need things that are easy to use and I just find pencils incredibly easy to use, they're quick. I like pencil eyeliners. I still will do a gel liner when I'm trying to be fancy, but for the most part for my everyday stuff, pencils are just really easy. The only thing that I like too, that I think every woman should have, even over 50, are great eyelash curlers, I love those as well. 

Now let's talk about the real secret sauce here. That is just as important as complexion and foundation is your light! So as we get older, our eyes start to need a lot more brightness, so that we can see. And obviously, for those of us who wear glasses too. It's really difficult to put makeup on when you don't have good light, and I've seen some of those makeup lights that they have in the stores, and quite frankly I think they're bullshit. Sorry, I'm just gonna be blunt and honest. I just don't think they're bright enough for us, and I don't like the mirrors that come with it.

So, this is a professional product. This is something that I use on-location as a professional makeup artist, this is what I would use when I'm doing my celebrity clients, when I would do all my brides, any kind of special event. And this is called The Makeup Light. It's Now, I know it is a professional product, the panel in itself is about $300, but don't let that scare you. Because holy cannoli is this light worth every flippin’ penny! Now the great thing about this light is, is it's a panel, and I don't know if you can tell but I have the light here, I can hold this camera and show you, and it is a little bit above my head here. And it's kind of pointed down just a little bit. And what this does is it floods my face with light. I'm going to get really closely. So you can see how beautiful the light is, and the magic of this light is it's a crisp, white light.

And as professional makeup artists, when we are doing makeup, we want to be able to see the true color of skin. And so this light is made by my friends Vivian Baker and Michael Astalos, and if anybody knows who Vivian Baker is - she just won an award for her movie BOMBSHELL. And it's really interesting how this light came about because she does prosthetic work. And you know, when you're working on a movie and a big screen, you don't have the luxury of Photoshop, I mean it has to look perfect right out of the camera. And so if you don't have the right light, you can't color match your skin correctly, you can't line your eyes correctly, you can't see that brow hair to get it, right? So this light really does help with putting on your makeup. 

Now, I know that this is usually used for professionals, but I use this in my house. And as you see, I have it mounted with this little suction cup. They also have these little things that you can put on your mirrors too, that are called the Magic Mount, and it can just stay there. And the reason that I like this is because not only can I use it in my bathroom, I can also travel with it. So it's about 18 inches long, about five inches tall and it comes in a really nice kind of felt case that holds the cord and the light. And I can throw it in my suitcase really easily. 

Now, the other thing that I use in addition to the light is I use this magnifying mirror so that, you know, I can look really closely and see. Because obviously I wear glasses, and when I wear glasses it's hard to put on makeup. So I really use this mirror all the time, and it too is also suction cupped to the mirror. So, these are the things I actually...So, you're probably asking, “Where'd you get this?” Here I got this one on as well. However, I know that they're getting some new lights, so I don't know how many of these they have left. But they do have an ageless Beauty Kit because I was like, “Please can y'all make an Ageless Beauty Kit, because you know some of my everyday women want this in their bathroom, too!” Especially my Chicago friends. I mean Hello, it's always dark in Chicago isn’t it? It's crazy. 

So these are the things that I like in my kit for over 50. So I hope this helps you! Please subscribe to my channel. I can't believe I'm making YouTube videos but, Holla, give me a thumbs up and I will see you next week with some more tips and tricks for ageless beauty. See you soon, bye!

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Sonia Roselli Ageless Beauty Kit

SKIN PREP from Sonia Roselli 
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OMNIA Rose Gold 13pc Wrap Kit

Tiger's Eye Brush Soap

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