Life After the Pandemic; Shopping in a Post-COVID World

Life After the Pandemic

I’m just gonna come right out and say it...the beauty retail industry as we knew it only a few months ago is dead. Gone. Dust in the wind. “But, Sonia...isn’t that a little drastic?” No, kittens, it’s not. It’s reality. It’s life after the pandemic, and we better get used to it. 

What’s Changing?

The way you shop for beauty? Forever changed. The way beauty retailers operate? Forever changed. The beauty world will simply never be the same. If you don’t believe me (or just don’t WANT to believe me), think about when you walk into Sephora or Ulta or a department store. Where do you go when you want to see how makeup looks on yourself? The testers. Also known as a breeding ground for bacteria and disease.

A 2019 study showed that at least 70% of all lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeliners, mascaras, and beauty blenders tested contained “significant levels of microbial contamination.” And this is nothing new...a study going back as far as 1971 (!!) showed that nearly half of eyeliners and mascara wands were contaminated.

What's Changing

So, I’ll ask you this: do you want to mess with testers ever again? I sure as shit don’t. Testers were gross before Covid-19. Now? They might as well glow with nuclear radiation--I’m not touching them again.

Beauty retailers have also traditionally relied on close contact between customers and employees. I mean, this is how counter workers make their living, right? While stores and salons will eventually resume beauty services in some capacity, what’s it going to look like?

How Things Are Changing

It’s a virtual world now, guys and gals. I don’t mean that you’ll never step foot into a Sephora or Ulta ever again (most are already open in some capacity), but the experience is going to be way, way different.

For one, testers are probably permanently dead. To take their place, some companies are already creating sanitary, minimal-to-no-touch dispensers that will offer customers single-use scent strips, sealed samples of blush and eyeshadow, and individual pods of lip color and skin care.

Beyond those measures, we come back to the “V” word...virtual. Think AR (augmented reality) mirrors and other types of virtual try-on tools, like Ulta’s GLAMlab. Virtual doesn’t mean you can’t actually try product on your skin though. Glow Recipe, for example, created a digital sampling program where they sent 10mL sample bottles of their new toner to community managers, social media influencers, as well as some e-commerce customers to try and review. And…

In support of the new toner launch, Glow Recipe’s website started offering live video consultations with their retail team on Zoom. The idea was to chat with customers, discuss the right products for them, give some advice and tips. If a customer bought the toner within the first 48 hours of the launch, they got exclusive access to a Zoom webinar about skin care hosted by the brand’s founders. Plus, Glow Recipe set up a Zoom master-class with a well-known influencer esthetician focusing on the new toner. Genius, right? Which brings me to…

The Importance of Virtual Makeup Classes

Virtual Makeup Classes

As you just read, Glow Recipe is starting to dabble in classes. Blushington has started offering online makeup classes taught by their artists.

I am a FIRM believer that this is the future of beauty, and I have been since before Covid-19 started kicking the shit out of us. That’s why I started Glossischool. I want makeup artists to have the skills they need to succeed and grow their biz like a boss.

Glossischool is loaded with classes and resources to help any beauty biz--and I’m totally psyched about my class that is currently OPEN now, "How to Become a Personal Shopper" which lines up perfectly with the future of the beauty world!

Teaching a virtual makeup class is a skill that ALL pros should have, especially with the future of beauty moving in that direction. Women want to know which products to use and how to use them--especially as many start getting back into the workforce again. I mean, you know everyone’s looking like they just stepped out of prison, hair all gray and crazy, haven’t worn makeup in weeks, probably haven’t worn pants with a zipper (can’t help you there, kittens).

But the virtual class--yeah, that’s in demand, and I have the experience and tools to show you how to create and run your own virtual makeup classes like the boss you are.



Consider offering a personal shopper service. Think about it--you love buying beauty products, you know your shit, and you enjoy getting paid. Combine all three and BOOM--you’ve got yourself a desirable service to offer.




Trust me, I’ve offered this service and it was a hit.

And why wouldn’t it be? If your clients are going for a specific look but aren’t sure how to achieve it, who else would they turn to? You! The expert! You can show them which products are perfect for them and get paid while you do it!

And no, this won’t require you to step foot inside a beauty store if you’re not comfortable. All it takes is a Zoom call and the interwebs to shop with your client online.

It’s a whole new world out there, and the beauty world is changing with it. Now, more than ever, consumers want the knowledge, whether that’s in the form of more in-store associates walking customers through products rather than trying them on with testers, or whether it’s done virtually through online makeup classes. It’s time to adjust and time to take this new beauty world by the balls and make it work for you. Virtual classes. Personal, concierge-quality shopping. You can do this. Let’s take this new beauty reality and OWN IT! Momma Kitten is ready to help you.

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