How To Prevent Breakouts

You want great skin but you still get those pesky breakouts from time to time. Today, I am going to give you 5 quick tips to prevent breakouts that you may be overlooking.

Let’s get into it!

1. Dirty Sponges

The first tip to prevent breakouts is using dirty makeup sponges. I know Beauty Blenders are all the rage and I love them too. However, I don’t use them because a sponge can NEVER (repeat) never be cleaned. Sponges harbor all kinds of yucky bacteria that will lead to breakouts.

What to use instead: Disposable sponge wedges. I know it’s not the most environmentally friendly (and if this is a concern for you, then try using a brush) but they will keep your skin clean and clear.

2. Not Washing Your Makeup Brushes Regularly

Person washing makeup brushes in sink

The second tip to prevent breakouts is something many people overlook. This one tip alone cleared up so much skin in my 30 year career as a pro makeup artist.

Aim to clean your brushes once a week and if you’re suffering really bad breakouts, clean your brushes daily.

Tiger’s Eye Brush Soap is my favorite. Formulated with tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and honey, it will really do a great job getting the makeup out of those brushes and get your makeup brushes clean as a whistle.

3. Keep Your Makeup Clean

This next tip to prevent breakouts is going to blow your mind. Powder products like blushes, face powders and bronzers all can get these little bubbles on the top of them. What you’re seeing is dead skin, skincare products, and sebum and debris which can grow bacteria on the surface of your powder products.

Take a disposable mascara spoolie and scrape the top layer off. Not only will that remove a lot of yuckiness (scientific term), the products will actually perform better.

And if you’re a pro, this is why its always a good idea to never double dip into your makeup products - and it’s always best to scrape to a paper towel.

4. Clean Your Masks

Finally, one way to prevent breakouts during covid and mask-wearing is to clean your mask. Wearing a mask is a must in the day and age of Covid, and I suspect we will be here for a while doing so. I wear a cotton mask underneath my N95 to create a shield around my face. I also clean my masks with a gentle, fragrance-free detergent after each use. Using Water Balm underneath your mask and skipping foundation, blush, powder is a good idea too.

5. Finally, Clean Your Cellphones!

Person sanitizing their phone

Finally, one of the most overlooked tips to prevent breakouts that I know many people still do is talking on your phone!  If you talk on your phone a lot, not only should you clean your phone for your face, it’s always a good idea to clean it during Covid, too. Our phone screens can get really dirty and when we press them against our face, or use our fingers and touch our face,  it can get our faces dirty, too.  Not to mention we might spread covid to our nose and eyes. Yikes!

If you can avoid talking on the phone with the ear piece,  try getting some wireless headphones to take your calls.

In the end, there are simple things we can do to prevent breakouts.

I hope these quick tips gave you some great ideas. See ya next week!


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