How To Use Oils In Your Skincare Routine

oil in skin care products

For a long time, oils were considered the enemy of skin care, especially if you had oily or acne-prone skin.

Through the years and with good scientific evidence, oil has been making its way back into how we care for our skin in a big way. It turns out oils that are used in skin care products are non-comedogenic and won't clog your pores.

Also, adding moisture back in by using facial oils can actually help with acne, because sometimes acne is the result of skin that has been stripped of its natural oils - oil production then goes into overdrive and you end up with a breakout.

Let’s take a look at the helpful oils that will keep your skin happy and hydrated…

Facial Oils

facial oils are great for mature skin and dry skin

Facial oils come in all different formulas, and there is something for everyone whether you’re interested in adding moisture to your skin while also getting anti-aging or acne prevention benefits.

Sonia Roselli Beauty’s Water Oil is a super light facial oil that’s mixed with a serum for an extra dose of hydration combined with the lubrication of the oil. It dries quickly and leaves your skin feeling plumped -- but not greasy.

This is an excellent facial oil for all skin types, including mature and dry skin, but will work well for oily skin also. If you’re looking for a heavier facial oil, look for one with rosehip oil as its base.

If the idea of applying oil directly to your face doesn’t sound appealing, a few drops can be mixed with your moisturizer or makeup, which will help distribute the oil evenly over the face. 

Cleansing Oils

cleansing oils work with any skin type for a deep, hydrating facial cleanser

Don’t be afraid of cleansing oils!

Cleansing oils will not clog your pores, and will work to remove dirt and impurities from all types of skin - yes, even oily skin!

Japanese Cleansing Oil is a great dual action product that will remove makeup and oil from your skin and leave it feeling smooth and hydrated after cleansing. Click here to learn more about facial cleansing oils

Oil in Masks

Oils are popping up more and more in masks and for good reason.

If you want to deliver a boost to your hydration game, try Youth to the People’s Superberry Hydrate and Glow Dream Mask with squalene, which is a light but effective oil that feels great on the skin.

Tata Harper’s Hydrating Floral Mask has sunflower seed oil and olive oil in addition to hyaluronic acid to replenish moisture. 

Other Skin Care Products That Use Oils

Fresh’s Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliator is an excellent lip product that is made with jojoba seed oil, and will buff your lips to a smooth and soft shine no matter the weather.

Kiehl’s Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub is made with castor oil and will leave skin feeling exfoliated and soft.

And for body oil, you can’t go wrong with Neutrogena’s lightweight and affordable formula.

Lip Oils

Finally, lip oils are all the rage right now.

For something with natural ingredients, try Burt’s Bees Hydrating Lip Oil.

Our favorite lip oil right now is
Dior Lip Glow Oil, especially if you’re looking for a one-two-punch of lip oil AND color.

Oils in skin care are here to stay!

The key with finding and using the right oil in your skin care product is to know your skin type and determine which products will work best for you and your skin. But with winter coming, and along with that comes the drier air plus indoor heat, you’re going to need a little extra hydration, so start researching and stock up soon!

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