How To Start A Skincare Routine.... Fast!

Looking to start a new skincare routine but don't have a lot of time? The Quick Skin Prep Steps are for you! 


Today's blog is inspired by a customer question, Deidre writes…

I am a professional makeup artist and adore your products. I have been using them personally but wanted to include them in my services to provide the best possible application and service for my clients. 

After watching your videos/ tutorials, I'm at a little bit of a loss. I'm curious how you do the skin prep system on your clients if it takes 20 mins for the products to soak in?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I truly love the products but am having a hard time incorporating them into my services for optimum results. Thanks and be well, 


Ok Deidre, this video is for you!


How To Layer Skin Prep Before Makeup

The Quick Skin Prep Steps

Step 1: Have client do their own Sexapeel™
During the pandemic, I would suggest you have your client use SEXAPEEL on themselves while you set up the rest of your makeup station. Mostly because we want the warm heat of the hands to create a chemical reaction to start a gommage effect. Since we are wearing gloves, Sexapeel™ will work better with bare hands. While this isn’t ideal, it is most effective to have them do it while we are practicing stricter infection control protocols.

Step 2: Apply Skin Prep With Flat Synthetic Brushes

How To Start A Skincare Routine

Apply all of the skin prep with flat synthetic brushes using a clean palette, or if you’re at home, I prefer using the lid of Water Balm.

Apply in this order:

Step 3: Use a damp sponge if you need

How To Start A Skincare Routine

Using a sponge, apply a few pumps of Water Elixir to the sponge, and press into the skin. This pushes the skin prep in the skin so you can get right to work on your complexion.

Step 4: Work on your eyes or brows first

While your skin prep settles in, there is no law that says you can’t do eyes and brows first. Start there and by the time you’re ready for foundation, you’re good to go.

Step 5: For Pros, Skin Prep Everyone First


Ageless Beauty


For my big wedding days, I would skin prep everyone in the bridal party -- skin first and then do makeup. By the time the clients got in the chair, their skin was like BUTTA!

I hope this quick skin prep video helps!

Happy glass skin!

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