How To Keep Skin Hydrated

Is your skin thirsty? 

Today on Glossible I teach you how to fix that dry, dehydrated, broken skin barrier that’s been a little neglected and get your skin back on track to looking its best.

Why should you use Water Elixir?

A broken skin barrier is often dry, dehydrated, and causes redness. For some of us, menopause and other environmental factors cause some of these issues. Let me introduce you to Water Elixir.

Water Elixir is a water essence, and it's one of the best selling products in our Skin Prep line. Water essences are basically a moisturizer and a serum, all in one. Water Elixir is really going to help your skin plump up the fine lines and wrinkles. It's also going to help improve the texture of your skin in one application. 

What I really love about Water Elixir is that it helps calm down the redness of your skin. When you calm the redness of your skin before makeup, it really helps the foundation go on much better, and you won't have to wear as much makeup because that redness isn't going to peek through. Basically Water Elixir is your multitasker in a bottle. 


Who Is Water Elixir Good For?

Water Elixir is great for:

  • mature skin
  • sun worshippers
  • dry climates
  • those with light to moderate rosacea
  • sensitive skin
  • oily skin
  • combination skin
  • normal skin
  • smoker's skin
  • skin that has just been a little bit neglected (Thanks, pandemic!) 

How To Incorporate Water Elixir into your Skincare Routine

For dry, dehydrated skin, and to reduce the appearance of redness. I recommend using Water Elixir in the morning and at night. 

  1. Start with clean skin and/or exfoliated skin 
  2. Apply Water Elixir 
  3. Apply your facial oil, like Water Oil 
  4. Apply your eye cream
  5. Seal everything with your favorite moisturizer, I like Water Balm 

Repeat before bed, after removing your makeup. 


Prepping Your Skin Before Makeup and Mixing Water Elixir

You can use this same routine before applying your makeup. Using Water Elixir as part of your Skin Prep before makeup will aid you in reducing redness and using less product, helping you to achieve a skin-like finish with your foundations. 

You can also use Water Elixir to set your makeup.

Simply apply a few pumps of Water Elixir to a palette (or use the cap from your Water Balm). 

Using a wet sponge, pick up some of the Water Elixir and gently pat on top makeup. This step will help set your makeup and get rid of any over-powdering. 

You can also mix Water Elixir with your favorite powder products. See how I mix Water Elixir to make a Blush Stain here


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