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Haven’t seen your manicurist in a while? Or you haven’t seen your stylist in so long, you’ve misplaced your brush and haven’t bothered to look for it?

The first thing I’m doing when I get out of this damn lockdown is book me a Spa Day!

In the meantime, how do we feel a little pampered, and possibly even pass some time? Here’s your own step by step guide on how to do a spa at home when you're still under lockdown.

Prep Your Area

No, this isn’t a euphemism, it’s a starting place. For a relaxing experience, set aside both the time and the space. Lock the doors, clear the surfaces, light a candle, play some woo music, and get into it! 


Start by exfoliating head to toe 

Give your SexApeel a good shake, and start spraying away dull skin! Get that baby’s butt feeling on your face, knees, elbows, bottoms of your feet, and your dusty patoot!!

African Botanics Café Noir Body Exfoliant is a non-abrasive, gentle scrub with a luxurious feel and…it smells like coffee!

how to have an at home spa day

Shave Yo’ Legs

Just because we’re stuck inside doesn’t mean that we should be able to braid our leg hair. Get the best shave of your life by using SexApeel first.

My favorite shaving cream isn’t a cream, it’s a shaving balm by Weleda. It has great slip, and it’s so concentrated, you only need a pea-sized dot for each half leg. Apply like a lotion; it doesn’t foam.

Tips for avoiding razor burn and nicks: Move slowly, don’t press, and use a fresh razor as often as needed!

Foot Scrub

While you’re SexApeeling your feet, make sure you get the bottoms, heels, and outer side. You won’t believe they’re your feet.


Face Mask

Now that you’ve SexApeeled your face, masks will work more effectively!

Fresh Rose Mask - A lightweight mask for all skin types that soothes, plumps, hydrates, and smells divine. 

Dermalogica Multi-Vitamin Power Recovery Mask - Helps with healing, hydration, and brightening.

Tata Harper Purifying Mask - Great for purifying after a break from your routine…or non-routine, this clay mask has probiotics that will balance any skin type.


Rinse off your mask, pat dry, and follow with your serum to keep the hydration going! 

Water Elixir is an excellent serum for any skin type, adding nourishment and relief. Pat it on with your can actually see the difference as you apply.

Osea Hyaluronic Sea Serum - A nice boost for all skin types, a plethora of seaweed extracts soothe and hydrate.

Facial Oil

Water Oil is a versatile product that benefits oily skin as much as it does dry or dehydrated skin. Don’t believe the adage about oil and water not mixing here! This is formulated to work just as well with water-based products as it does with other oils, or alone. For Spa Day, use it as a moisture-boosting layer.

Herbivore Botanicals Phoenix Facial Oil - An oil-lover’s oil. Wildly rich, this is for the truly needy.


For today, you might not need the dual-purpose moisturizers. No SPF, no extras, just hydration and comfort.

This is an indulgent moment, so let’s actually indulge. Pat on SRB Water Balm in a thick layer, and let it absorb like a mask. If it’s still thick after several minutes, you’ve done a great job! Keep tapping it in for absorption.

Sunday Riley ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream - Rich, but not greasy, this will form a nice barrier on top of Spa Day indulgences.

Eye Cream

Water Balm is formulated with a small molecule, so it makes a wonderful eye cream. Don’t be hesitant to use a little extra today around the undereye; it’ll help de-puff and soothe. You know you need it.

RéVive Masques Des Yeux is a super-thick, cooling mask that’s a perfect Spa Day indulgence.

Lip Exfoliant

Your lips need some extra attention, and exfoliation is as important here as it is for your face. 

Dior Lip Sugar Scrub Sweet Exfoliating Balm is sugar-based, to avoid over-scrubbing.

Lip Masque

Try: Kari Gran Lip Whip, a hydrating mask and lip balm in one. Buff on for a new pout.

Try: Henné Organics Lip Mask is a healing, soothing treat for your lip after all that scrubbing!

Lash Serum

What better time to grow some lush lashes? Emerge from hibernation with two new fluffy pals! 

Shiseido Full Lash Serum is a good mix of technology and nature to condition and promote healthy growth of lashes while they take a break from mascara.

Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner will actually grow your lashes and brows in thicker and faster - ain’t that some shit?

Foot Mask

Now that you can’t get to your regular pedi spot, what’s a person to do? Go without? NEVAH. Of course, you’ve already exfoliated with SexApeel, so be gentle. Stick with hydration only!

Kiss Foot & Toenail Mask Socks will relax you with lavender as they immobilize you. Take this opportunity to have a glass of wine while they marinate.

Dr Jart + Dermask Warming Foot Mask comes with two mylar socks to cover your tootsies in this innovative warming treat. 



Now that you’ve completed an amazing Spa Day, it’s time to give yourself a manicure. Use plenty of SexApeel, getting all of the roughness caused by the million hand washings you’ve done in the last two weeks, and follow with a healthy dose of Water Oil on your cuticles. Let soak while you have your second bottle….glass…sip of wine. Maybe do a nail color tomorrow.

Hand Lotion

Hand lotion can be a treat on a regular day. But for Spa Day, slather it on and put some extra nitrile gloves on for 10 minutes. We know you have an extra pair somewhere…

Aveda Hand Relief is a go-to. Simple, effective, and it smells damned good.

Diptyque Eau Rose Hand Cream. The master of intoxicating scents? You know you want this. 

I want you to have an amazing Spa Day at home, relax, and be able to face another day.

Tell us about your results in the comments below!

Love and beauty!

And enjoy our full Sonia Roselli Beauty Product line!


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