How To Apply Blush Over 50

Hello my ageless beauties! Today we're going to be talking about how to apply blush for over 50 faces. To learn how to apply blush for over 50, watch the video below!


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Hello, my darling Kittens! Today I want to show you how I apply blush. What I call it: Kiss it, don't fuck it. So I want to show you, now that I've done my makeup, I'm ready to do some finishing touches before I do my hair. 

One of the things that I love to do is, I love to apply blush with a fan brush. It's been one of my secret favorite tricks forever. It's one of those things like, I have blush on, but you know I have a little bit of cream blush underneath the foundation. So now I want to come back in and I want to add a little bit of blush to the top. 

So what I do is I have some colors here in my palette and I'm just going to gently, add color to my fan brush here. Alright, I'm taking the side of it and I'm just going to, when I need to come over here so what do I can see. I like to stand away from the, from the mirror, a little bit. This is when you don't want to be really close because you need to see from a distance and how people are viewing you. So I can take this fan brush, kind of hit the top of the cheeks. Right. Turn it over, kiss it, don’t fuck it. It's kind of like my secret mission in life, kiss it, don’t fuck it. 

I'm just hitting it on the tops of the cheeks. It just gives a really soft wash of color. It's really beautiful. You know, just very sophisticated and elegant. It's not overplayed. So then I'm like okay, this is my final finishing touch and then now it's time to dry my hair. 

So I hope you enjoyed how to apply blush, with a fan brush. It's great for those of us over 40 when we just want a little bit of it, we know what to make out with it. Have a great week, subscribe to my channel and I will see you on

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