How To Apply Blush; Over 40 Makeup

Hello my ageless beauties! Today we're going to be talking about how to apply blush for over 40 faces. I'm going to be using my Senna palette. You can read all about Senna in our Small Beauty Spotlight.

To learn how to apply blush, on this Over 40 Makeup video below!

Transcript of How to Apply Blush for Over 40


Good morning! Your mama kitten’s in the house and today I'm going to talk to you about blush application techniques. I am a blush whore. I’m not even gonna lie. 

This is a Senna palette that I have and it's one of my faves. You can tell I use it for all the things. One of my favorites is this really beautiful purple color, and it's called magenta. I like to use that on the tops of my cheeks to give myself a little bit of color to the skin, it brightens my face up a little bit, it actually takes 10 years off, and then if I add my lip oils and stuff to it it looks pretty. 

Sometimes if I'm wearing a really smokey-eye, I might want to kind of sculpt my cheeks, a little bit more and for that I might use a little bit more of a toupe-ier color. I wouldn't call it bronze because I don't like to sculpt my cheeks with bronzer. It's just not what I do. 

I'm taking it and I'm adding it to the brush, just to the brush here. I'm looking at the center of my ear here. Let me take my glasses off. I'm just kind of just adding a little blush here, bringing it in. I'm just kind of adding this here just to kind of sculpt. Now I'm not doing a lot. Here's the reason why I personally am not doing a lot is because I have rosacea. Rosacea really does dictate a lot of how much blush I wear.

Now that I haven't kind of put on, I'm coming in here and I'm just kind of smoothing out the edges just a touch. Making sure I don't have any fine lines. Not fine lines but like racing stripes. I don’t like racing stripes. What that does is it gives me a little bit more of a sculpted look. I may come in here and I may add powder on top of it. I'm just gonna keep adding a little here. I want to make sure that shows up. 

I might do this technique when I'm doing a smokier eye because it's a little bit more chic. If I'm gonna do a different blush. I'm going to do it when I have that really beautiful pinky blush. I'm probably going to use a really pretty natural eye. But for this, I just want to add a little bit. And that is it. 

The other thing that I can do too, is I can add a little bit on the tops of the cheeks, here.  I'm gonna come in here with the same brush, a little bit of that on there. Make sure you don't have too much on. I’m going to add a little magenta here to the top of my cheek. I know a lot of it, I can't really see it through my eyeglasses, but it does brighten the skin. Right? 

A lot of times too if I'm going to be on camera I will add a little bit more blush, especially brides or moms of the brides. You want to add a lot more blush actually, because one of these photographers these days are blowing out with light. (Oh, I got some on my glasses. Oh, I’m not perfect.) What happens is when they blow out the camera like that, it tends to take out all the color of your skin. 

Alright, so now I have a dry brush, and I'm just coming in here and softening everything up. That is it. Now there's all kinds of ways you can do blush, obviously, you can put it on the tops of the cheeks, I like to do that sometimes. You can do a more contouring kind of look or you can give yourself a soft flushy glow. So that is it. 

Now I want to come in through here with a little bit of powder and just kind of set it. I am using a little bit of a heavier brush here to set but I'm using little punches. And that is how you do your blush for over 40.

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