Beauty Tips; How To Cover Rosacea

Here are my beauty tips for over 50 makeup to help with rosacea coverage. I like Makeup Wedges for covering redness and covering rosacea. Watch the video to see the rest!

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Hey everybody, Sonia Roselli! And today I'm going to teach you how to cover the redness in your face if makeup brushes aren't really your thing. So, I have a little bit of rosacea as you can tell. I'm really flushed red. I've already done my skin prep, but you know I did another tutorial of how to cover breakouts, but some people are like, “I really need to know. I'm not really good at using a brush. Can you show me how to use a sponge? And...absolutely! 

So one of the sponges we need is, we need a wedge. And the reason that I like wedges over something like a beauty blender, especially when we have rosacea, is beauty blenders...yes, technically, I guess you can clean them. But a sponge is never really clean, so you can't really disinfect a sponge. So I like wedges because I can toss them out after I'm done. 

So what I like to do is, I like to put a little foundation on a pallet, whatever foundation you have is fantastic. And I like to damp my sponge, with a little bit of Water Elixir, so I'm gonna add some here. Now my sponge is already damp, but I'm adding Water Elixir to this. And so I'm coming here, and I'm kind of just wherever I'm really red is where I'm really focusing. As you see I'm kind of red right through here, and I'm kind of tapping in with my finger. I'm using the Tom Ford Foundation. But I've used other foundations before. I’m gonna go around my nose here just a touch, and the chin, and forehead here. 

Now I'm going to take my sponge and I'm going to do those “kitten punches”. And I'm stippling. So remember stippling gives you the most amount of coverage with the least amount of product, which is kind of what we need when we're over 50, or if we have fine lines and wrinkles, and we want our skin to be touchable. 

Now, I'm going to need to look in here in the mirror. And what I'm doing is I'm just pressing this in. Now if you, you know, I like working with brushes. But if my face is really red, I will resort to a sponge. And really this is it. And as you see, it starts to cover quite nicely. And that is how you cover rosacea with a sponge. 

I hope that you love the tutorial! Subscribe to the channel. I'll come back and put some more videos up, at least during this pandemic because I don't have a model to play on so I have a play on my own face! But if you liked it, give it a thumbs up, and subscribe. And I hope you all are staying healthy and safe. I’ll see you soon, bye!

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