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When it comes to creating a line that lasts, I always give products to folks for unbiased opinions. I can't create something fabulous if I don't have opinions of others to see how it wears. When I do, I turn to the real pros!

My fabulous makeup artist Ashley decided to really give our new long wearing lipstick a run for the money. I love Ashley in a red lip (it's one of her staple colors) and she just happened to be in the studio yesterday so she graciously decided to be my guinea pig!

Ashley applied the lipstick at 3pm. Let's see how it wears...She journals the wear in these images. She never touched up...because I had the lipstick with me. So she couldn't cheat! :P



During the first portion of the day I wore a matte red lip that was quite drying (I won't name names). I may have even started with slightly chapped lips. Oops!

When applying Sonia’s new formula, the lip color went on smoothly and felt hydrating. I was impressed with the texture to pigment ratio- creamy and highly pigmented without the transfer.

The formula moved with my lips, and while giving off a more matte finish, my lips did not feel dry. It’s comfy and the color is stunning! So far so good!


After a large iced coffee and an afternoon stroll from Rogers Park to Andersonville, my lip color in still perfectly in tact. It doesn’t seem to have wore off at all, and the feel is still comfortable.



I’ve had a few glasses of water and a light snack at this point, and still no budging on the lip color.

I have started to “feel” the lip color, but it is not uncomfortable. I would describe it as a slightly more tight/dry feeling. I’m not noticing bleeding yet, but I am noticing how white it makes my teeth look (cheers to that)!

I added a bit more of a dramatic eye for a friends dinner party, I noticed that the lip color transitions beautifully from day to evening. Off to the BBQ I go!

11 PM

One prosciutto, apple deep and green salad, one serving of pasta, two meat & veggie kabobs, a s’more, three cocktails, a few kisses from my honey and four hours later the lip color FINALLY  budges.

It wasn’t until after dinner that the lip started to fade, which was around 8/9pm and I’m pretty sure we can blame the meat and oil based salad dressing- aka edible makeup remover.

I’m thoroughly impressed with how
 it faded. It didn’t come off in flaky chunks of dry lip color, it didn’t smear all over my face during kabobs/s’mores and I did not get the wretched flaky lip. It stayed true to it’s initial color and faded down like a stain.

Two thumbs waaayyyy up.

WOW! Looks like we may have a winner in this formula.

With the added skin care benefit, I am happy we are on track to create a new generation of lip colors that not only last 8 full hours, but that doesn't dry out your lips like formula's of previous generations.

The only thing I didn't find out is, how did the boyfriend like it on his lips? Ashley's reply?

"No transfer to my sexy boyfriend"

Phase 1 complete! Now time to move to packaging and compatibility testing!
This will be the hard part.

So far, so good!

More to come!  
Check out Ashley's Instagram too! 

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