July 28, 2015

It's been a life long dream of mine to create a line outside of "private label" cosmetics. After years of teaching women how to apply their makeup in our Chicago studio, I knew women were frustrated.


Am I crazy to embark on this journey? I mean there are thousands of beauty lines out there! Why is anyone gonna listen to me?

I won't lie. I am TERRIFIED!

I think makeup is in the dark ages right now. We are under siege of  "the beauty blogger." And while there are a lot of great bloggers out there,  I am finding that most women are more confused than ever.

And as a professional makeup artist, I'm sorry.


As a licensed esthetician, makeup is as good as the canvas you put it on. I went through almost 2 years of extensive research to find the best lab for the job. Batch tests, ingredients, you name it....everything left me tired and frustrated. If you have ever been on this side of the industry, it's pretty tight lipped. No one wants anyone to know anything. And the connections you do have, don't want you to know anymore than you do.

But in true "Sonia" form, I made it my mission to learn the truth. Boy did I (and still learning everyday)

As luck would have it, two people came into my life. My friends in Korea, Japan and Italy. Boy do I love my peeps.

I have known for years that Korea and Japan have been the leader in skincare. How they formulate is so unique...and they are so innovative!  So last spring I started working with the lab to create something that would "exfoliate" skin that was so gentle, so effective, that you could literally do it "on the fly".

Enter" Sex-A-Peel.

Sketches of first bottle designs....

Fast forward to the spring of 2015, my trusty Facebook group helped us name this product. I couldn't help but laugh at some of the name suggestions as they were downright hysterical. I think one time I may have laughed myself into an asthma was so much fun.

Makeup artist Yvette Yolanda Avelar actually won the naming contest. She literally blurted it out "Sex-A-Peel" and the rest is history!

(She is gonna get a box of "Sex-A-Peel on her front door for being the lucky winner!)

The bottle is in it's final design phase and we should have Sex-A-Peel in house by mid September.

I can't even tell you how difficult it is jumping through so many hoops and loops to get a product launched. From conception to formulation and then packaging I can't believe it takes SO long. It's taken over a year to do but it's been fun (but it's also been exhausting.)

I am completely in love with this product. It's one of those products that if you tested it on 10 people all 10 would buy it. It will be a top seller no doubt.

Thanks to all of our Facebook friends for the laughs and funny moments where we laughed hysterically. I love having my best girlfriends around to inspire me. This line is created for YOU. I hope this product makes you proud.


Next on deck is our Japanese "Skin Prep" line.  

Most everyone I have ever met in the last few years has literally broken down broken down their skin's protective layer. My inspiration was to try create a skin prep line that would  rebuild that skin's layer through innovative formulas to help makeup lay much nicer.

So far I think we have knocked this out of the park!

Once your skin's protective layer is broken down, bacteria, allergens and all kinds of nasty stuff find a passageway through the skin, causing a real mess that can lead to breakouts, allergies, you name it. Menopausal skin sees this a lot.   I wanted something that could be used for skin of all ages and all skin tones. So far our testers are reporting really amazing results. From dry skin to oily skin everyone seems to be reacting well to it. 

Here are some sketches of packings


This water lotion is turning out to be one of the tester's favorite products. While everyone loves everything so far,  most of the testers were unsure of a "lotion" that pumps like a water. Once you feel the emollient on the skin, you quickly find many uses for it.

I will have some of our testers write in their own words what they are experiencing and how they are using it. Once we finalize ingredients and proper instructions, I will post updates.


I have been a cleansing oil fan as far back as I can remember. People think cleansers are so unimportant. I tend to disagree. Will post reviews and updates later as we get more feedback. But so far I am addicted to all of it, especially my cleansing oil. I'm almost out of my personal "batch". I'm running as fast as I can! 


Still working on packaging for water balm (or whatever we decide to call it) This turned out so nicely but we are still working on fragrance ever so slightly. 

This product is great to keep the skin supple and hydrated for hours. It actually beads water on the skin and creates a lovely canvas to paint on with or without primer. More details as we move closer to packaging production.


My dream? Long wearing professional color cosmetics with wicked good skin care ingredients. That's not too much to ask for, is it?

On deck for our color line will be a skin prep "primer" to use before foundation. Long wearing  lipstick and lip glosses for our fabulous brides!

We have a "touch up" kit in development along with some new brushes. We also are close to having a few concealers in development that are turning out nicely. Too bad I don't have a trust fund. HA!

I'm also partnering with a great makeup artist for a product that will truly change the way you paint. But that is TOP secret. I won't let that leak at all.

Lipstick sketches for packaging. We are developing now....

In 2018, we plan to go for a highly curated line of matte shadows and pairing them with creams and powders. Cream shadows with no shimmer? Yes please!

We are also working on 2 colors of cream blush that we hope lasts 8 hours.

In 2018, if all goes well, we will move to the BIG DADDY OF ALL. FOUNDATIONS. I may need a stiff drink when that happens.

For those of you who know me, KNOW how frustrated I am right now with orange and yellow foundations. I'll save that post for another day. It won't be pretty. We've all been sold a bag of goods.

Thanks everyone for all your love and support. Together I think we can create some really amazing products. If you have a suggestion or comment, please leave below! I may not always respond but I do read them.

Have a wonderful night!

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