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April 10, 2019

Over the years have I seen posts about makeup artists who have lost their kits, or worse yet, stolen!?

Can you imagine the misfortune of losing your entire career in one bag? It's happened to the best of us.

Sometimes we are so tired all we can do is barely make it to the sofa!

Guest blogger, Margina Dennis, shares her tips and tricks on how to keep your kit safe and what to do if your kit goes missing.  


how to build your pro makeup kit

(Look at all Billie Jo's pretties organized with Velcro!)

Once upon a time, I lost a LABELED bag (with address, phone and email) in a cab on my way home from a job. That bag contained my brushes and my grooming kit!!

That turned out to be a very expensive cab ride.

Most seasoned pros have thousands of dollars in beauty products that we carry all about town with us. Having our kit is essential to being able to do our jobs. If we lose our kit we’re really losing how we earn our living.

Despite my carelessness, I was still able to go back to the same job the next day and perform without missing a beat. Why? I used my backup brushes and grooming kit.

(I also vowed no more black bags in dark cabs!) 

With experience comes the kind of knowledge, that keep you prepared to be proactive as a professional makeup and hair artist. Today I want to teach you how to be proactive, so you don't have to turn down jobs because you’re not prepared.

How to build a pro makeup kit

(Loving the visibility of Sarah Elizabeth's kit)

DO's & DON’Ts


>>Carry homeowner’s or renter’s and business insurance -  This will cost you approximately a few hundred a year for each policy. Why? That way you can file a claim in the event that your kit is stolen or (heaven forbid) some other disaster. Be sure to check with your insurance agent, and ask questions specifically about your kit, for the best policy to cover you in the event this happens.

>>Make sure you hang on to your product receipts! Have an inventory list and take pictures of both your items. (If you are saying, “I’m not charging enough to do that”, then kitten, it’s time to give yourself a raise. This is a time investment in smart business! ☺) Insurance companies will want to your receipts for any and all claims. They won'tjust take your word for it. Having a document somewhere like Google Docs is easy to find and add even from your phone.

>>If you aren't going straight home from a job, make sure to keep your kit close by carrying it inside with you as often as possible. If that isn't an option, lock your kit in your car. Pro tip: always DRIVE to a different location and park where NO ONE has seen you put your makeup in your car. You never know who is watching.  

>>When traveling by air-pack a suitcase. Build a suitcase full of bags and no spill containers to keep your products safe from airline abuse. Adding towels to the suitcase can also be a great way to add extra layers of protection and they usually come in handy.

>> You can also consider using a luggage courier service. A few to check our are:,,, or These services provide options for door to door, insured,expedited air cargo service for your bags. It may cost a bit more than a checked bag but could save you a big headache and give you peace of mind.

how to build a professional makeup kit

(Check out this heavy duty tool kit from Brae K. Toia


>>Don’t carry every single thing you own!! Most of us carry more than we need. Lighten your load and keep only things that you need in your kit for the job you are doing. It also saves your back.

>>Don’t leave your makeup in your car overnight, even if it's in the trunk. Better to be safe than sorry. And on that note:

>>Don't leave your kit out where it can be exposed to cold and/or heat. It can affect the products in your kit and they not perform as expected.

>>Don’t leave your bags unattended. Never! Not anywhere.Never trust a restaurant or bar coat check with your bag either.

>>Don't worry about the outward appearance of your kit exterior.
Worry about how it will function and keep your products safe and out of harm’s way. Function trumps looks. (Of course keep it clean and sanitary.) A sturdy kit will save you money in the long run. Nothing is worse than replacing hundreds of dollars worth of makeup because your kit bag itself wasn't sturdy enough.

how to build a professional makeup kit

(This kit layout features all kinds of containers from Marvin Alexander

What are some of your Do's & Don'ts of keeping your makeup kit safe!?

You can find more tips from Margina on her site:

Peace & Love!

Margina & Sonia