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April 10, 2019

Are you thinking to start a bridal biz, or are you ready to go pro and turn your side hustle into a full time career?

Today, I'm giving you my top 5 things I would have wanted to know before I started my wedding biz. Let's dive in.

1. Do you need a cosmetology license to be a makeup artist?

If you're in the USA, it's best to call your local state board of cosmetology and find out if you need a license to do hair and makeup on location. Some states may even tell you that you need a "mobile" license as well.

Here's what you should Google "[Your State] Board of Cosmetology"and then either call, email, or read through their online website. 

Warning:I gotta be totally honest here with ya. Most state websites blow giant pony poo. If you can get someone on the phone or email them directly, that's always what I suggest. 

Here's the honest truth: It's your duty to do your due diligence and to find out.

IF all else fails, call your attorney in your state and ask them directly. Chances are they can find out rather quickly.

Important:Whatever you do, don't mess around with this. What are the chances you'll get caught?
Slim. But have I seen it happen? Yes. More than once. 

And lastly, a word to the wise...

When a makeup school or educator tells you that you don't need a license, don't take their word for it. They have a vested interest in getting you to enroll in their school. Remember, it's about sales.

If you need a license, get your license. After you get your license, then go to a makeup school AFTER you graduate. I will be honest and tell you that cosmetology schools don't teach much makeup, so plan accordingly.

Remember, go to someone who has no skin in the game to give you legal advice about your future. That's my best advice.

#2 Choose your business name wisely

choose a name for my makeup business

First, when determining your beauty business name, what's your end goal when you're ready to hang up your brushes and close your business?

Do you plan on growing your business into more than services and selling it? I know it's hard to think about this, but it's best to have an end game in mind when it comes to what you think the future holds.

Second, is the name of your business easy to say and easy to spell? Hard to spell names are difficult for brides to look up quickly. You want it to be a quick, easy click.

For instance:


Even if the spelling of your name is unique, it may confuse people when trying to remember your name if they've lost your card or phone number.

Sometimes, however, that unique spelling could set you apart. Whatever you decide, make sure your name is easy to type in a quick google search.

Also, don't try to be clever with name spelling like STYLZ (with a Z) as it doesn't evoke a feeling of luxury or trust. The goal is to keep it simple as possible and clean as possible. It's not time to be clever. It's time to be clear!

Third, If you don't ever plan on selling your biz, the best and easiest route is to use your name. 

If your name is taken, try using your name with something on the end like makeup, beauty, weddings is a nice touch.

For example:

[Your Name] Weddings, [Your Name] Brides, [Your Name] Makeup

It's classy, upscale and says exactly what you do. Also great for SEO.

A quick GoDaddy.comsearch will tell you what's available. Also if your name is taken, you can search www.whois.comto see who owns it. If it's "parked" and you really want it, reach out to the admin of the domain, they may be interested in selling it. 

#3 Find Your Ideal Client

how to find my ideal client for my bridal makeup business

One of the most important parts of having a luxury clientele is to determine WHO your client will be. 

One of the biggest newbie mistakes I see when starting a business is to market your products and services to EVERYONE! Not every client is our client. Getting laser cat focused on who your ideal client is will grow your business lightening fast.

The most effective, strategic, and smartest way to market yourself is to build your entire business around your ideal client. Finding your ideal client will make marketing yourself a piece of cake. 

Don't know how to figure out who your ideal bride is? Be sure you sign up for our first Glossischool course: Finding Your Ideal Client. First series launching April 17.

#4. Set Up Your Makeup Business Correctly

how to set up my makeup business

When you're setting up your biz for the first time, it might be ok to be a sole proprietor for a minute, however, it may be worth the investment to incorporate yourself as an LLC or S-Corp. 

Why would you want to be an LLC or S-Corp? Forming a business entity protects your personal assets like your home if you ever get sued.

If you're sued, depending on how you've set up your company, your business would get sued but you personally would be protected. Be sure you talk to an attorney and your accountant about the best option for you.

Remember it's better to plan now and set up correctly so you can focus on the marketing part of your biz.

File your Articles of Incorporation

When you apply to become a corporation, you will need to file Articles of Incorporation with your state. 

However, before you file your Articles of Incorporation, you will need to have your tax id, also known as an EIN (Employee Identification Number).

Getting a tax id is quick and easy and takes about 5 minutes.

Here's the link to apply:


After you have your tax id, take your tax id and apply for Articles of Incorporation in your state. To get your articles of incorporation you would go to the Secretary of State in your state and file the paperwork there. You can usually do all of this online. 

What to Google: 

"[Your State]Articles of Incorporation" or "[Your State]Secretary of State"

#5: Set up Your Business Bank Accounts 

Once you have your Articles of Incorporation and your tax id, you're ready to open up a business checking. Look at you being a bad ass!

It's best to separate the two so you can protect personal assets as you grow your business. The process is easy and you'll be happy you did.

Now that you've got your step by step game plan, join for Finding Your Ideal Client in Glossischool!

Here's to your success,

Mamma Kitten