Simple Ways to Find Your Unique Makeup Artist Business Names


When it comes to finding different ways to find a good name for your makeup artist business, finding makeup artist business names can be fun, but they can also be frustrating.

The makeup industry is full of all kinds of names and there are a lot of makeup brand names that overlap. 

So how do you find the best makeup business names to name your new business? Here are a few creative ideas to get your juices flowing.

Where Do You See Your Makeup Artist Business in 20 Years?


While this may seem like a silly place to start, I can tell you had I done this exercise before I started my business, I would have thought about things differently.  

When I first started my make-up brand, I started my company, "Frame Chicago."

When I started getting well-known for wedding makeup in Chicago, I realized what people were hiring and gravitating toward was me as THE brand. 

I didn't want my makeup business to be named after me, but I also didn't really have a clue what I was doing. Tech was in its infancy and I just took a name I thought was clever and went with it. 

I got my domain in 2001 and now that the domain itself has a lot of juice behind it, I can't change my name if I wanted to. Which was fine, I knew one day I wanted to have my own line of products and it worked out in the end. So I changed my company name to SONIA ROSELLI and grew like gangbusters.

But there is a downside to using your own name.

What if you want to "retire" from doing wedding makeup? Could you sell a company branded under your name? Yes, you could, but it would be hard to sell if you're trying to do other things. Bobbi Brown anyone? She lost the right to use her name, and while she did do the pivot quite nicely, I imagine it's a giant shit show. 

I could have sold my business for a nice chunk of change when I decided to close my wedding business, but my name was connected to my brand.

The reality is, when it comes to finding a good name for your makeup business, you need to figure out where you want to be in 20 years,  and back into a great name.

Here is a good brainstorming process to determine how to make the best choice when deciding on a list of makeup brand name ideas:

brain storm
  1. Where do you want to be 20+ years from now?

  2. How do you see your business evolving?

  3. What is your area of expertise? Do you want to stay in weddings or insert niche here?

  4. Do you think you will have a strong brand using your name? Do people feel connected to you personally? Are you and your brand connected as one?

  5. What do you want the first impression of your brand to be? Does it go with your name? Or does it feel like it should be another name to evoke that first impression you want to give?

  6. Who do you want as your ideal client, or in other words, your target market Does that market align with your name?

  7. Is your personal name easy to say? Or easy to spell?

  8. Is your personal name available on social media channels or are there other business owners that share your same name in the same space?

  9. Will you always be a freelance makeup artist? Or do you envision having a team one day that works for you?

  10. Do you serve people that speak several different languages? Will your name convey the same meaning in different languages?

  11. Is your name trademark available? Because the beauty industry is so large, you want to ensure your makeup artist company names are not trademarked. If you don't do this, this could be a costly mistake. (Not to mention confuse potential customers)

Hopefully, these questions will give you a good idea of how to start to think about whether you should use your personal name as the perfect brand name for your business.

5 Ways To Know You Have The Best Business Name


When it comes to finding the best makeup names for your makeup artist business, here are a few things to remember:

  • Is the name memorable?

  • Is it attractive? 

  • Is it easy to pronounce?

  • Is it easy to spell in a quick google search?

Does the name fit with your ideal client or target audience?

When it comes to finding a professional name for your business, these are the top questions you want to ask yourself once you've come up with a creative name for your makeup artist business. If you're not sure, find someone you trust who is brutally honest to give you a no BULLSHIT answer. Don't get offended if someone doesn't like it. Be happy they were honest. 

A Word About Catchy Names

Makeup Artist Business Name Ideas

When it comes to using "Catchy Names" the top 5 things you need to keep in mind for your small businesses:

  • Does it make sense to your business?

  • It's easy to spell?

  • Does it leave a good impression?

  • Is it cheesy in the wrong way?

  • Does it fit in the short names category that is easy to roll off the tongue when you say it?

A Word About Creative Names


I've seen some really bad names for makeup artist businesses in the 30 years I've been in this industry. 

In a day and age where we are bombarded with information, creative names really should be clear on what it is they do and you need to make sure when people see your website and the name of your website that potential clients know they're in the right place.

I once saw a beauty company called "Poodle Skirt Beauty" targeting women who loved pin-up beauty and 1950s style beauty. 

But something made me think this was a dog grooming service. So when it comes to being creative, make sure your messaging is CLEAR, not confusing. 

Especially if you want to see business growth with the type of service you offer.

How To Figure Out Good Names

women on laptop in bed

When you are trying to determine good names for your makeup artist business, you want to make a list of makeup business names you like, and then write through your list in red the names you don't like. 

Ultimately, you want to have 5 names you can choose from from a brain dump idea.  When you scratch off all the names you are on the fence about, having 5 to choose from helps choosing a name become easier and you can go and have a handpicked collection of premium names to choose from. A list of 5 is easier than a list of 50!


Finding The Best Name- 5 Step-By-Step

Once you find the best name for your business, from your list of 5, then it's time to see if the name is available. 

This is an easy task that shouldn't take more than 30 minutes per name.

  1. Check Godaddy to see if the domain is available

  2. Are the socials are available?

  3. Is the name trademarked? (a quick google search will tell you)

  4. Is it connected to makeup products already?

  5. Make your final decision once you see which brand has the most going for it.

How Long Will It Take To Figure Out Your Name?


When it comes to the makeup artist name idea, how long it takes really is up to you. 

Sometimes just talking about it with a good friend or mentor can come up with something in a matter of hours. 

Sometimes it takes days and sometimes it takes months to find the real winners in finding great names. Just take your time and don't rush this part. Trust me on this one!

A Fun Way to "Makeup" a New Word


Need to know how to find your ideal clients to start off your biz the right way?

I had a blog for years named Glossible. My end goal with that blog was to be the beauty bible of all things beauty. 

So I took the word gloss and the word bible and married the two together. Glossible. It was a huge success and it still has a piece of my heart.  You want to be sure it's not too similar to a makeup-brand or another makeup artist.

A great way to find new ideas for professional makeup artist names is with a site called www.wordoid.comThis is how you can mix made-up words and create words as I did with Glossible. 

Be aware, that you can get sucked into that site quickly and your family members will think you've become possessed and may offer an intervention.

What Type of Makeup Will You Do?

When it comes to finding attractive names for your business, another way to find the perfect beauty brand name is to determine what types of services will be your business's core bread and butter.


I knew I wanted to be known as Chicago's top bridal makeup artist, so that made sense. 

Does your makeup business have a unique niche? Having your nice like "weddings" or "bridal" may also be a smart play for names of a makeup artist business for SEO purposes. 

Because I had weddings in my title, I was usually on the front page of Google (that and all my blogs for brides too!) 

The reality is, what kind of brand image and types of services do you do that will fit nicely inside your business name? Consider this strategy.

The reality is, that finding the best makeup artist name for your business doesn't have to be hard work, it can be fun!

Domain Name


Once you find your makeup artist business name, and once you know its trademark is available, it's best to buy your domain then.

You'll want to buy the domain for at least 5 years as Google gives more juice to a site that buys a bigger commitment. If you're not 100% sold on the idea, buy it for a year and then decide if this is a winner. Domains are less than $20 and it may be worth it to invest.

I don't want to tell you how many domain names I own. It would frighten you! Hell, I frighten myself. HA!

In the end, I hope these unique name ideas give you ways to find your own type of name for your business. The right name can really help your business grow and thrive.