My Must Have Tools To Build Your 6-Figure Bridal Makeup Business

If you're trying to figure out how to start a bridal makeup business, I've got you. I owned the largest and most successful bridal makeup business in Chicago for 20 years. I have seen and done it all. 

Here's what I know to be true when it comes to building your bridal makeup business:

1. You need to know WHO your ideal Client Is

If you're trying to serve EVERYONE, well I hate to break it to you, you're gonna fall flat on your face! You need to have an ideal client that will make your job and marketing your services so much EASIER!

In my course, Finding Your Ideal Client, I can help you narrow down the brides you want to serve, and how to set up your marketing for your bridal business. 

How to find makeup clients

2. You have to have killer processes to run a successful bridal makeup business.

If you willy-nilly try to "wing it" you're gonna get caught in situations that can be expensive and painful to dig out of. 

Have no fear, I've done all the work for you! My Done For Your Bridal Makeup Business Guides are the perfect partner to get started.

How to start a bridal makeup business step by step

3. Get your website working for you like an employee. DO NOT rely on social media.

Social media is part of the equation but it's not the only thing you need. Trust me...if the algorithm changes, where will you be? Stuck like chuck, that's where.

Need help getting your social off the ground? Check out my "Done For Your Social Media Calendar" just plug and play and create reels or posts on your favorite social media platform.

how to grow my makeup business on social media

4. Set your rates to earn a full-time living.

You deserve to be compensated for your time, but you need to know the how and why to set your rates effectively, especially if you're new.

Pricing is so hard for so many creatives. But have no fear, I teach you how to price anything with our signature online course, "Setting Your Bridal Makeup Rates". This class will change your life.

how to price my makeup services
5. Make sure you have a wedding makeup contract before you sign the first client!

You need a contract to protect your makeup business and to set expectations for your client. When you have happy clients, you'll get more referrals. 

Have no fear. My Done For You Wedding Makeup Contract Template helps you assemble an iron-clad contract to get started. Just take it to your attorney for your unique revisions. This template will save you hundreds of dollars not having to draw one up from scratch.

Wedding makeup contract template

Now go out there and start building the bridal makeup business you dream of!