Spa At Home Pedicure

Need to give yourself an at home pedicure? Me too! Watch this video for my tips on how to get smooth, exfoliated feet from beauty treatments at home.


Transcript of Spa At Home with Sexapeel


Okay, I can't even believe I'm going to show you my Coronavirus falcon feet...So it's been over a month since I've had a pedicure. And if you can see the bottom of my feet, I'm looking crusty! So, I'm going to use, first born, SexApeel. And this is an instant skin exfoliator. 

Now, I also use this on my face for my skin prep. But since we're all in the house, and our feet are looking crusty-dusty as my friend says. I am going to show you how to get all of this dry flaky skin off so that your feet look brand new. I mean look how dry the tops of my feet are! I’m trying to do this with a tripod, and this is really hard. I also get this really dry patch right here on my feet. 

So I'm gonna spray a generous amount, and you want to spray it on dry feet. And what I'm gonna do with my hand is, look, I start rubbing this off. And what's happening is the skin and product are balling up. And you do this for several minutes. 

I can't believe I'm showing my feet on YouTube, but, hey! We're in a friggin’ pandemic. Sometimes we have to do what we need to do. I mean look at my nails! I mean if your feet are looking, look at that, it's already starting to look better. If your feet are feeling crusty, and you just are missing the pedicure. And that meme that's going around! I'm like “I just want to pick a color. I want to pick a color!” 

So coming on here and I'm adding it to the top here. And I'm really focusing on that real dry part of my toe. That gets it around the cuticles here as well. And I just keep spraying. 

You can also do this to your legs before you shave. You can use it on your bald head. You can use this head to toe -- just not your naughty bits! 

So as you see, this is coming off. I’m doing this for's kind of like picking zits, you are grossed out, but mesmerized at the same time. Now, I'm going to come in here, now that I've got all of that kind of worked off I'm going to add a little bit more. Saturate it really well, and I'm going to come in here with these foot scrubbers while it's wet. So satisfying! 

Anywhere your foot is dry, just use this guy, on top of the SexApeel. I’m telling you what. I don’t like to do my own stuff. You know, I love to get mani/pedis because it's the one quick, little treat that I offer myself that is just so nice. 

So I’m just gonna come in here and I'm gonna feel, and see if the SexAepeel got all that off. Then I’m going to turn on the water. I hope this is showing up on camera! Look at the new piggies! They look and feel so soft, and that spot on my toe is nice and smooth. 

And that is how you get rid of your falcon feet during a Coronavirus pandemic. Now what you may want to do when you’re done is come in here and some facial oil to it, if you like, and with your moisturizer, add a couple of drops of Water Oil to your moisturizer. But look at that. Pretty pretty! And if you feel like you need more, go and do a second pass. And you can use this every day. 

So you can get SexApeel at We just got some in. We were stuck for a while but it is in. So if you were trying to spa pedicure at need SexApeel in your life! 

We'll see you soon. Have a great week. Bye!

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