Sexapeel Gel Survey

Can I get your opinion on our new product, Sexapeel Peeling Gel For Sensitive Skin? I'm always are thinking of you whenever I design new products!

I love glass packaging because of its infinite ways to recycle. However, sometimes glass packaging isn’t ideal or even smart! (Using a product in the shower, for example).

For this new formula, we have 2 contenders for you to choose from! A tube and plastic bottle with a pump.

Option 1: Bottle with Pump

Pros: Easy to use, perfect dosage amount, easy to travel with.
Cons: You sometimes can’t get the last drops unless you remove the cap. Sometimes the pumps will break if you drop.

Option 2: Tube

Pros: Easy to use, risk using too much as you determine the dose, easy to travel with.
Cons: Tubes tend to leak, and if kept in a hot environment (like a hot car), can cause leaking and tears from the seams at the top, or from the nozzle.

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