My Favorite Foundations

I get asked all the time, “Sonia, what are your favorite foundations?”

Well, today, I’m spilling the tea on my top 5 favorite foundations for pro use. I've put together a list of makeup product reviews, of what the serious pros use, to have a successful business.

The Top 5 Foundations



If you’re looking for skin that looks like skin, RCMA is one of the staples in my kit. I use this a lot for men’s grooming and for normal-to-dry skin. I also like to use this staple foundation under airbrushing.

While many new makeup artists complain that RCMA is hard to use, I mix it with a drop of Water Elixir. That trick alone will change your life. 


2. Graftobian

If you work with women over 40, clients with dry skin, or in climates where there is zero humidity, Graftobian is one of my all time favs. In Chicago, our winters were brutal, and our skin was parched.

When I combine our “Have it All” skin prep kit and then add thin layers of Graftobian foundation, I can get a really lovely finish. It’s great for skin with hyperpigmentation and best of all you don’t need a lot.


3. Senna Foundation Palettes

The Senna foundation palette is one of my favorites for combination to oily skin. It leaves a beautiful velvet finish. I like this foundation for mature skin when mixed with Water Oil.

Mix 1 drop of Water Oil with a touch of product from the Senna Foundation Palette and apply. Like butter!


4. Kryolan Aqua Colors

This foundation palette is not for beginners but I do love this palette’s finish. When you’re trying to stay away from skin that looks dead, Kryolan’s aqua colors finish beautifully.

I like this formula for most skin tones and textures. When mixed with Water Elixir, the result is absolutely stunning.

5. Finding Your Ideal Client 

This is the #1 foundation I can recommend for pros looking to build their business. 

See how I slipped that in there? 

Knowing who your client is and who you want to serve will grow your business like gangbusters and will bring you all the money to buy all the things. When you are speaking to your ideal client, you will be booked all.the.time.


Complete Skin Prep from Sonia Roselli Beauty

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