This Might Be The Reason You Have Sensitive Skin

Today, we’re gonna talk about “stuffocation.”


The dictionary defines “stuffocation” as: the condition of having too much stuff that doesn’t really do anything. Example: “Ugh, my skincare routine is like 350 steps with 25 different products that don’t seem to make any difference in my skin whatsoever. I’ve got a lot of stuff that doesn’t do jack squat...I’m suffering from stuffocation!!”

Loads of skincare products

OK, you won’t actually find any of that in a dictionary. But it’s a real thing! Stuffocation is when you have a whole bunch of skincare “stuff” that all works together to...not do a damn thing.

Besides not working, using too many products on your skin can wreak havoc and break down your delicate skin barrier—and as we’ve covered here before, that can lead to all sorts of skin issues like dryness, irritation, fine lines and wrinkles, etc.

Quick Refresher on Skin Barrier

Woman with towel over hair touching her face

If you haven’t read our last blog about ceramides, well...why not?? JK...but for real, click on the link because it’s got all you need to know about the skin barrier and why it’s so important.

But while you’re here, I’ll give you a super-quick recap. Ceramides, which make up about half of your skin’s composition, are a waxy lipid/fatty acid naturally found in your skin, and they create a water-impermeable, protective layer that helps prevent excessive water loss via evaporation. They also create a barrier against microorganisms (like dry air, pollution, etc.) trying to enter the skin.

But ceramides don’t last forever. Aging, sun damage, smoking, seasonal changes, and even menopause deplete the ceramides found in your skin, which can compromise that delicate barrier.

So, what does stuffocation have to do with ceramides and skin barriers? Glad you asked.

As I mentioned at the beginning, using too many products can cause your skin barrier to break down—including those helpful ceramides. Those of us (yes, me included) who have a predisposition to sensitive skin are especially prone to problems if we use too many fact, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Repeat after me: Skincare is about QUALITY, not QUANTITY! Say it over and over until you get it. It’s never about how much product you have or use. Skin is delicate—it doesn’t need to be cleaned the way we clean our homes during a pandemic!

Overusing skincare products (especially when they're not designed for your specific skin type) can result in a broken skin barrier. And when your skin barrier is broken you may experience skin issues like:

  • Dry, red, flaky skin
  • Rough skin texture
  • Irritation
  • Inflammation 
  • Breakouts
  • Rosacea flares
  • And the classic symptom that I hear all the time: "Sonia, even water burns my skin!" OUCH!

 Makeup & The Skin Barrier

Woman looking in the mirror smiling

Quick refresher on the skin barrier and why it’s so important when it comes to makeup application…

When your skin barrier is damaged, it's parched, it’s dry, it’s thirsty, and the texture of your skin isn't as good as it could be for applying makeup. Broken skin barriers result in skin that is so dehydrated, it becomes irritated. And irritated skin does not make for a good, clean canvas on which to apply your makeup.

So, what do I do to get my skin healthy and ready for makeup? I go to Japan...duh.

Um, what, Sonia?

OK, I don’t literally go to Japan. But I do firmly believe in the philosophy of Japanese skincare, which revolves around the concept of a healthy skin barrier and adding intense hydration to the skin. So that’s why our skincare/skin prep lines are full of hydrating ingredients--and many are made in Japan!

All Hope Is NOT Lost

Close-up of woman's beautiful face

Here's some good news though. Even if your skin barrier is damaged, you can heal it in just a couple of months with gentle care. And I mean GENTLE care!

While our skincare line is perfect to use as skin prep, our skincare is gentle and effective to help sensitive skin types heal and repair itself. The skincare system and routine are simple and effective—consider it ANTI-STUFFOCATION! 

If you’ve been stuffocating your skin, it’s time to stop. The longer you punish your skin with too many products and too harsh a routine, the longer it will take to heal. Skin requires simple, gentle care—and that’s what you get with our line of skin prep and skincare products. Gentle yet intense hydration for that stuffocated skin that’s crying for some TLC.

It’s not too late to repair your damaged skin and enjoy smooth, soft, healthy skin that looks amazing and feels even better. Stop the stuffocation! Save your skin barrier!

Try the 30 Day Challenge!

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