Sonia's Skincare Gift Guide: Products Any Makeup Enthusiast Would Love to Unwrap

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Searching for the perfect holiday present for the skincare junkie in your life? Whether you’re looking for a little stocking stuffer or want to splurge on someone special, find something for even the pickiest person on your list. From makeup professionals to skin prep enthusiasts, these ideas will be a smash hit. Keep reading for all of my trusted favorites.

Best Overall Gift:

When people ask me what my holy grail makeup product is, I almost always start by listing something that isn’t even makeup at all: The Makeup Light. These professional lights are absolute game changers. At home, on the go, backstage, on set, and beyond, these lighted mirrors take the guesswork out of the makeup equation because you can actually SEE what you’re doing. They are not cheap, but for the serious makeup lover or professional, or anyone over 40 when your eyesight is going, it’s a worthy investment. Your makeup is only as good as the light you put it on in.

Best Brushes & Brush Care:

Makeup Brush: A nice, high quality brush makes a wonderful present because it’s one of those things that people rarely splurge on for themselves—yet it’s something that is used daily. For makeup pros, I only recommend OMNIA brushes. Nothing ruins nice makeup quite as fast as crappy brushes, and these brushes are gorgeous, durable, and expertly made.

makeup brushes

Skin Prep Brush: My Skin Prep Brush makes it simple to apply skincare products so precisely, so every inch of skin gets all the love that it needs to be healthy. It also helps product go further and last longer because it will absorb less product than your hands. Plus, it eliminates cross-contamination of soap, lotion, hand sanitizer and more — which is one factor dermatologists say cause skin irritations.

This particular brush is ideal for those with sensitive skin because it is made with the highest quality, softest synthetic fibers. It’s cruelty free and vegan — perfect for those with delicate skin that typically reacts to natural hairs.


Brush Soap: Dirty brushes make sensitive skin super angry and can lead to breakouts. Washing brushes is an easy step toward clear skin, but you’d be surprised how many people skip this step entirely. Even if they do clean their brushes, many traditional makeup brush cleansers can be harsh and use strong chemicals, which can cause unnecessary skin irritation.

For pros and makeup enthusiasts alike, I highly recommend Tiger's Eye Brush Soap. This brush cleanser leaves your makeup brushes more hygienic than ever before, and helps to prevent breakouts, irritation, and other common skin issues. It naturally cleans your makeup and skincare brushes without harsh chemicals or residue, and is the cherry on top of a good skincare routine. And, it’s the perfect size to slide into someone’s stocking!

Best Makeup Gifts:

For years, I've been a big fan of Westman Atelier, the small, clean makeup line by renowned makeup artist Gucci Westman. From the foundation sticks to liquid lip balm, I can confidently recommend the entire lineup of cruelty-free, luxury goods as gifts. Read all about my specific bronzer favorites for fair, mature skin here

Another wonderful gift for the discerning makeup artist are my two favorite Senna products: Slipcover® Cream to Powder Palette - Blush and Slipcover® Cream to Powder Palette - Foundation. These pro-sized palettes would kick start any professional kit. 


PRO TIP: Mix these with a little Water Elixir to create a buildable, blendable palette that's totally customizable.  


Best Skincare Gifts For Mom:

Give mom the gift of calm, renewed, restored skin - our Winter Wonders kit is just the ticket. This set will feel like slipping into a luxurious silk robe, and after all, doesn't she deserve a little pampering?

Filled with antioxidants, amino acids, ceramides, and peptides, this collection will not only help repair mom’s delicate skin barrier, but will also help her skin feel less red and parched. It’s intended to be worn alone or underneath makeup. The collection comes with: Water Elixir, Water Oil, Water Balm, and a Skin Prep Brush.

Best Skincare Gifts For Multitaskers:

Have someone in your life who always seems to be dashing out the door? Help your favorite multitasker build a solid skincare routine as easy as 1, 2, 3! The three-step Cleanse & Hydrate set is ideal for people in a hurry. This collection comes with three everyday essentials that are suited to a range of skin types, including sensitive skin.

Japanese Cleansing Oil gets ride of makeup, impurities, and sweat in one easy step, so that even those busy bees have time to wash the day away. Water Elixir calms irritation, soothes redness, and acts as a surge of hydration. The final step is Water Balm, our best-selling five-in-one gel créme that hydrates, plumps, and smooths.

Best Skincare Gifts For Men:

The Smooth Skin Combo is a thoughtful gift for the fella in your life that will help him create an unfussy, effective self-care routine.

Our oh-so-popular sexApeel instantly (and gently) exfoliates and resurfaces ultrasoft skin. It is modeled after the grommage exfoliation technique that's famous in Korea and delivers fast results. Perfect for: Bald heads, pre-shaving, crusty heels, back and backside, and more.

PRO TIP: Read Gommage 101 here so you can quickly and easily give them the run-down on why it's awesome!

Once the dead skin has been exfoliated, Water Balm locks in moisture. Men tend to love Water Balm because it absorbs quickly and doesn't feel greasy or "goopy", yet it helps keep skin hydrated and happy (especially in the dry winter months!).

Best Skincare Gifts For the Aspiring Makeup Artist:

Help them build their pro kit with the Flawless Face Kit. This four-step system includes the essentials needed for a glowing complexion. It comes with four products I consider a MUST for pre-makeup skin prep: sexApeel, Water Elixir, Water Oil, and Water Balm.

sexApeel™ helps makeup go on better and lay more smoothly. Water Elixir is calming and hydrating, and is also a great tool for "thinning out" products and customizing blendability. Water Oil gives that beautiful under-makeup glow and is a must-use step for mature skin, and, of course, Water Balm is the ultimate makeup primer (among other things!).

pro kit

All in all, the lucky recipient will feel like a true professional that's ready to handle any age or skin type with these babies in their kit! Top it all off with Tiger's Eye Brush Soap to help them keep their brushes clean in between clients. 

Made your list?

OK, check it twice. And don't forget to treat yourself to a few skin prep products while you're shopping. After all, 'tis the season to glow!

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