What is gommage exfoliation? And why you need it if you have sensitive skin

Exfoliation is a must in my book. Today, we’re going to talk about a specific type of exfoliation—gommage. Now, some people think it’s a miracle worker, others think it’s a total crock. So, let’s discuss gommage.

What is gommage?

The word “gommage” is French and means “to erase.” Which is what exfoliating does, right? The key to gommage is it’s a gentle form of exfoliation that combines manual and chemical exfoliation.

Gommage exfoliation involves applying a gel, cream, or spray, letting it dry on the skin, and then rubbing it off or balling it up as you remove it from your skin. When you do this, dead skin cells and other debris come with it, leaving behind freshly exfoliated skin.

Why gommage is good?

For one, gommage is a gentle surface exfoliation. You know that most exfoliators are considered either chemical or mechanical. Gommage is both! It uses enzymes (chemical) that are activated through a gentle massage (mechanical) of the skin, which makes it a gentler alternative to harsh chemicals or irritating scrubbing.

This type of exfoliating is designed to be minimal and non-irritating while improving your skin’s texture. Similar to other forms of exfoliation, gommage unclogs pores, even skin tone, prevents breakouts, and increases cell turnover.

But it does so very gently and without irritation because gommage maintains your natural skin barrier.

Plus, the light exfoliation helps your products better absorb into the skin and allows makeup to lay better on the skin.

And along with all of that

Gommage exfoliants are also are also able to:

  • Improve circulation
  • Promote new skin cell growth
  • Smooth skin surface
  • Improve absorption of moisturizers and serums

So, yeah, gommage has some pretty good things going for it.

Why gommage is legit?

There are some haters out there who think gommage is a bunch of BS, and that it doesn’t do much of anything. Dr. Sonia’s scientific conclusion? They’re full of crap! Gommage does work, and it works beautifully.

Why else would I use that as the science for the foundation of my Sexapeel Instant Exfoliation Spray?

[Puts lab coat on, adjusts glasses, clears throat:] Sexapeel uses glycolic and fruit enzymes (remember, class...chemical exfoliation) that make it gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin yet very effective. Gently rubbing Sexapeel (mechanical exfoliation) activates the enzymes, which leads to dead skin cells and the other junk you don’t want in or on your skin being removed.

What you rub off is a combination of both the product and the top micro-layer of your skin (aka, your dead skin).

Dr. Sonia’s official diagnosis: gommage is real, it works, and you need to try it ASAP!

Why Sexapeel?

Glad you asked! Sexapeel is an instant exfoliator spray that can literally be used from head to toe. And since it’s a gommage exfoliator, it’s gentle—but that doesn’t stop it from getting rid of the crustiest of the crusty. (Hey, it is sandal season...time to get those poor pandemic feet ready to be seen in public.)

You can use it on your legs before shaving. You can use it for a super-quick, on-the-fly exfoliation before you run out the door. And if you’ve got a big, bad, beautiful baldy in your life...a little spray to his dome, and it’ll shine all day!

It’s also great to apply before spray tanning so you get a nice, even tan—but even if you experience a couple tanning mishaps, a few sprays of Sexapeel will even out that tone.

There are plenty more reasons to use Sexapeel—check them out here.

So, remember...gommage is good. It’s scientifically proven. Don’t listen to the rest of the noise!



  • Toni Weakley

    I would like to order and have free shipping. Also E MAILS about sales.. offers etc. I do NOT want text msgs. Is this okay? Thank you. Toni

  • Tobie Rae

    Hello! I do a gommage treatment on my clients hands and arms while I have a mask on. Do you sell wholesale perhaps?

    Thank you!

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