How to Make a Liquid Blush

Are you looking for a new trick to add to your same ol’ makeup routine? Today I am teaching YOU how to make a liquid or cream blush like a pro! This trick will forever change how you apply blush! I taught so many people this trick in my Chicago makeup studio over the years and I still get emails today telling me it’s one of their favorite tricks to do on themselves.

Why would you want a liquid blusher?

  1. Liquid blush is great to wear UNDER foundation. Looks like a glow from within. Yes, I just said UNDER foundation!
  2. Liquid blush is great for wearing under those face masks and this trick will protect the skin barrier a bit better—ideal for those with sensitive skin.
  3. Looks and feels the most skin-like compared to cream blushes, so your face feels comfortable AF!
  4. This liquid blush trick is PERFECT with no makeup and on bare skin. Great for all those Zoom calls when you just can’t seem to get your life together to put on a full face of makeup! #askmehowIknow
  5. Blusher liquid is a must-have for over-40 skin tones because powder blushes are never our friend. #whereisthelie

Who is Liquid Blush Good For:

Liquid blush is great for all skin tones but if you’re dry, dehydrated or normal skin tone you'll ADORE THIS the most. Those with oily skin can do this, but should avoid Water Oil for this trick.

What Tools You Need:

Tip: Avoid using water as tap water has harsh minerals and your results may not be as good. 

  • Synthetic Blush Brush. Avoid natural hair as it won’t perform the same.
  • Mascara wand or brow spoolie
  • If you’re a pro makeup artist, a stainless steel palette - or if you’re a non-pro, a simple small dish or plate will work fine

Tip: Different mixing mediums reflect light on the skin differently, so have fun experimenting to see which one you love the most. 

  • Take off extra pigment of liquid blush before you apply to the skin so you don’t have “hot spots.”
  • Mix until you have the liquid blush consistency and color payoff that you want.
  • Blend out your liquid blush with your fingers before it dries. 
  • Let your imagination run wild with the colors you already have in your makeup bag!
  • Don’t just stop at blush! It’s great to use with powder bronzers & powder highlighters! 

Ready to dive in and learn how to add a little fun to your makeup routine?  Grab some coffee and let’s get to it!

Which powder blush do you want to try as a liquid blush!? Leave me a comment below and let me know which one you’re going to use! Or tag a photo of yourself on social media and tell me how you got on!


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