The Best Bronzer for Fair, Mature Skin

best bronzer for fair mature skin over 50
Westman Atelier​​

Finding natural bronzers for over 50 with fair skin is challenging. A quick google search of when searching "best bronzers for fair skin", especially if you have sensitive or dry skin, well comes up with the latest stuff the influencers are promoting on social.

After 40, many of us just want a kiss of warmth, and a natural glow because wearing too much looks like we got into a fight with a dirty makeup brush.

Those with light skin tones know what I'm talking about here.

At 53, it's hard to find a bronzer that isn't a powder formula. Powder formulas tend to show all the fine lines and texture of aging skin.

When it comes to getting that gorgeous glow and maybe a subtle shimmer without showing harsh lines that just melds with your natural skin tone, I have searched for years for a bronzer and finally found the one. And of course it's made by a pro makeup artist. How refreshing!


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Meet the Westman Atelier Beauty Butter Bronzer (and it's divine!)

Bronzer for fair mature skin over 50
Westman Atelier​​

Westman Atelier is a small clean beauty makeup line by celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman. Since she was a makeup artist before being a makeup artist was "cool," she got this color pretty close to perfect for fair to medium skin tones.

Where You Can Use This Bronzer:

  • on the high points of your face

  • While I don't tend to suggest bronzers as contour products, I think you could use this and pull double duty, especially for a natural finish.

  • Side of the nose with a large fluffy eyeshadow brush or on the bridge of your nose where the sun would naturally tan you.

  • tops of your cheekbones.

  • areas of the face where the sun would naturally fall on the face.

Why I like this formula:

  • It's a matte formula, but unlike matte bronzers that are powder, it doesn't show fine lines or wrinkles on the skin.

  • It brings out the natural warmth in your skin without looking fake.

  • It has a creamy texture, but it's still a powder formula. It is like a cream and a powder bronzer made for a baby.

  • The bronzer applies nicely with a fluffy bronzer brush, or you can use a stiffer brush for more definition if you want to use it as a contour product. (She has a bronzer brush you can use with it)

  • You can use it on all areas of the face to bring out those warm undertones where the sun would kiss you.

  • It looks amazing on bare skin with just skin prep on days you don't want to wear foundation. Just use a light hand.

  • Best of all? NO GLITTER! WOOHOO!

best bronzer for fair mature skin over 50
Sonia Roselli​​


  • Very oily skin
  • People who want a full coverage

  • People who want that over-bronzed look. 

  • People who are on a budget. This product is not cheap. (But it's good!)

For Best Results for Mature Skin and Bronzers For Over 50

Westman Atelier Powder Brush for Bronzer
  • Always be sure you prep your skin before any makeup application. Our skin prep for over 50 kit, Ageless Beauty is perfect.

  • Skin prep and this bronzer is a great "get out the door quick" when you don't want to wear foundation. Just apply as usual and add a little mascara, lip gloss & go!

Since I'm over 50, this is my go-to bronzing powder since my skin is sensitive and EEKS, menopausal.

Important Notes:

  • The size is deceiving, it looks small, but THERE IS a full-size bronzer powder in there. I love clutch-size things, and this is not only gorgeous packaging, but it also travels nicely in my purse.

  • They also have a darker shade for deeper skin tones. While I have not seen this in person, (I can't find any in stores near me) it may be worth checking out.

  • This isn't intended to be a full coverage bronzer. It's a gentle kiss it, don't make out with it!

  • I like to use a synthetic fluffy powder brush. She has a brush that she made to apply with it. I think it's perfect. While I don't have this one (I have thousands of makeup brushes) I didn't purchase, but the shape and size of this brush is great.

  • The price point is high, but...worth it because you won't need a lot and will last. Would't you rather have 1 fantastic product than spend money on several that don't work?

Best bronzers for over 50
A barely there kiss of warmth on my 53 year old skin!​​
2 Shades On Skin Tones
Westman Atelier​​

In a nutshell, I would imagine this is one of Westman Atelier's best sellers; if it's not, it should be.

If you're on the hunt for bronzer powders that is good for sensitive, mature skin and for fair skin tones, and bronzer that is good for any time of year, (and finding the right shade has been challenging) I think you'll love this bronzer.  The natural finish is fantastic, and it doesn't look like you're trying too hard.

Have you tried this bronzer? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!



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