5 Steps to Getting Your Skin Wedding Ready

Wedding skincare: Sonia Roselli
Sonia Roselli Beauty

1. Up Your Water Intake

Before your big day, start upping your water intake. I love using the Water Minder App and then adding a little more than the app asks for. The more hydrated you are and the more your organs can function efficiently, the better your skin will look and feel (and you’ll have more energy).

2. Eat Whole Foods

There are a lot of studies being done on sugary processed foods and how they affect our skin. Our skin is our largest waste system—garbage in, garbage out.

Lay off sugar, complex carbs, and even dairy! (GASP!) Up your fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. Maybe even cut out some booze…or at least cut back. Try to do this at least three months before your wedding.

3. Photo Facials & Lasers

Woman undergoing facial laser treatment

I adore lasers, and I try to get a few every year. For moms of the bride, if your skin is in good shape, a few treatments three months before the date should be fine. But if you have some other skin issues you want to address, work with your esthetician, dermatologist, or cosmetic surgeon to see how soon you should book your laser treatments.

I love laser treatments so much. Yes, they are a little on the pricey side (anywhere from $400-$1000 per treatment); but they will give you better results than any skincare ever will. (I prolly shouldn’t tell you that, as I have a skincare line and all!)

Lasers can get rid of everything from redness in the skin to hyperpigmentation to any acne scarring or texture issues. It's also great for fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Botox & Filler

Now, this may not be for every bride, and that’s ok. Botox and filler are ideal for fine lines and wrinkles, and doing this a couple of months before the big day is a great way to see if you’ll like it. These days, the theory is that Botox is preventative, but it does help makeup go on nicer as well.

"Getting ready for your wedding day doesn't have to be complicated. Just allow yourself time to make good choices, and the rest is pretty easy!"

5. Hydrate Your Skin with Skin Prep

Sonia Roselli Wedding Day Skin Care Collection
Sonia Roselli Beauty

Adding a hydrating and gentle skin prep line like our full Healthy Glow Skin Prep Kit will make your face feel hydrated and happy. As we age, we start to lose hydration, and that makes our skin look dull. The Ageless Beauty Skin Prep Kit is good for any age, but especially moms of the bride.

One of my favorite ways to use Water Balm, especially ON the big day, is to use Water Balm like a mask. Apply a much heavier application and allow it to sit on the skin for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, just massage whatever is left into the skin. You’re left with plump, hydrated, smooth skin, and your wedding makeup will go on so much nicer.

And finally, know that all skin is different. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. Work with a licensed esthetician and ignore most of what you read on the internet and social media. They’re out for clicks and likes. Working with a true professional will lead to better results, and you’ll be so much happier.

Have a wonderful time and enjoy yourself!

XO Sonia

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